Movies that will help cope with the experience of parting

• Movies that will help cope with the experience of separation

Movies that will help cope with the experience of parting

We all once were so heartbroken after a breakup. The world seems gray and empty, your favorite hobby do not bring pleasure (and if it's a hobby and even shared a guy - that all the trouble). We picked up 5 movies that will survive the separation.

"Kill Bill"

Sometimes, after breaking up not only wants to cry and complain to her friends, but also with might and main to revenge offenders. To resort to physical violence is not advised, but the distraction bloody thriller, in which a beautiful Uma Thurman brutally cracked down on former lover - definitely.

"Bridget Jones's Diary"

Not just a cult film, and the main rom-com of the last century. The main reason for the popularity of the tape - not even handsome Hugh Grant and Colin Firth, and the main character, which is so easy to learn itself. Bridget washes down problems Chardonnay, nervous about their figure and do not always chooses the one man who needs to be.

"500 Days of Summer"

Having met the girl of his dreams, the hero of Joseph Gordon-Levitt sure it - forever. 500 days Summer breaks his heart, but presents an important lesson: not all sympathy must be regarded as the love of your life, and separation can be overcome, no matter how painful it is.


All we ever dried up by the bad guys. But what if your choice - a real psychopath, ready to kill your friends and undermine the school? The heroine of Winona Ryder does not lose self-control, and prepares boyfriend (in his role - teen idol 90 Christian Slater), an adequate response.

"Wristcutters: A Love Story"

Contrary to the name, it is - a dreamy film that always have to move forward. The main character, as a result of cutting the veins of unrequited love, falls into the underworld suicide. There all as we have only just a little worse in the sky are no stars, plants never bloom and people are physically difficult to smile. But even in this dark place Zia manages to not only find friends and occasions for laughter, but also meets his love. You see, no hopeless situations.