Cruelty, which knows no borders

• The cruelty knows no boundaries

Cruelty, which knows no borders

pleasure to watch when the cat licks the kids. A dog-mom how carefully treat their pups, barking at passers-by, not giving them even from a distance closer to their children. This nature has in these animals such features, in other words, instinct.

And what is the case with parents who have small children and are very often they are bored by their behavior?

Recently in the press there was an event that took place in the beautiful city of Yekaterinburg. Father, if he is worthy, of course, the word, in a fit of drunken his nervosa, almost took the life of his young son.

Mercilessly throwing the child on a paved road, he was under the influence of alcohol, apparently, did not give aware of the fact that he does. Interfered with people passing by, who could not remain indifferent to such a chilling picture. Where does this attitude to their children, and what is in the breasts in such bad people instead of heart ... It makes you wonder.

The cruelty of the world is becoming more apparent with each passing year. And, unfortunately, it is our sad reality. The camcorder, which was not far from the place where the action takes place, recorded in detail everything that happened.

The man did not just threaten to her baby, who was barely four years old, but he was very furious and started to throw the boy in the asphalt. People, fortunately the child is nearby, each as it may intervene to protect the boy. long stopped a cyclist do not hesitate and in their dealing with a dad who falls from his powerful punches. Ambulance, by happy coincidence, passes by and stops. It takes away both the hospital. Fortunately, the child escaped with only bruises and a few bruises.

In the morning dad is not in the Chamber, he just disappeared. But my mother, who came to pick up the baby, doctors said that the child fell awkwardly.

The next night found a man escaped. Say anything, he was not able to, because once again was under the influence of alcohol. Of course, for such an offense may be deprived dad paternity rights, and even the fact that the mother does not want to continue the investigation, can not affect the fact. The criminal case was instituted at the moment.

But there is one question that is not answered. So what happens to our human society today? And why not give the nature of the people that love and taking care o their offspring, as is observed in the same dogs and cats, and in general - in animals.