The reasons that people change

Betrayal, infidelity, adultery - the name is not so important here, it is the basis of mass culture. Articles with titles such as "Why did he change," "How to protect your marriage," "Too seductive and wrong" and "Secrets of women with faithful men" clutter magazines and websites.

The reasons that people change

The articles - which essentially advise readers to be as sexy and a little suspicious - usually regarded as a betrayal of infidelity in bed.

Although the proportion of truth in this, yet most of the novels on the side not connected with sex. In fact, many of the wrong men and women recognize that sex at home with your wife or husband is better than sex on the side.

But if not for sex, why do men have affairs?

Feel the touch and physical affection

Without sex, we spend a lot easier than without touching. During an hour meeting with the lover of sex can take as little as 10 minutes, and the remaining 50 go to necking. Or, sex may not be at all.

Some people are willing to risk everything just to feel the gentle touch of their laid-back person.

have around someone with whom you can talk

Sadly, many couples barely speak to each other; and if they say it was mostly about the children or the children ... again. Ask any prostitutes: many customers want to talk after sex even more than they want the most sex (prostitutes and some will tell you to speak and listen - it is much more labor than sex).

To feel even more a man \ woman

Sex - it is more than pleasure. At least, people have a way to verify that it is a "real man," and it is "a real woman", whatever meaning they have not invested in these concepts.

Escape from everyday life

When people feel bogged down in routine, when they do not feel joy or delight, when the future looks just as bleak now, having an affair on the side can be an escape from everyday life hateful.

Of course, this does not fix - your problems at work will remain the same, your child will learn better, your stomach is not going anywhere - but every month or two for an hour you about all this will be forgotten.

to feel the joy of anticipation

Experts on marriage advice to all couples who live together for a long time, if possible to diversify sex. Has an affair on the side, and people are such a variety. They assign a date to be together, they look forward to it, they talk about how it's going to be great, they think, what to wear for the occasion, they eat moderately in the day, and most importantly, they are going to enjoy this.

If couples feel the same, sex therapists would lose half of their customers.

To feel the desire and feel welcome

It is possible to feel loved and to feel attractive or desirable - this happens with most couples who live together. Although they appreciate the closeness, respect and love, many people are eager to feel welcome. For some of them having an affair just have to feel it. Sex with a lover or mistress may not be somehow special, or even frequent, but seen as a partner is excited, when you take your clothes, it is very important for some people. It is no substitute for love or a sense of security, but some people are capable of almost anything to find out what they are welcome.

to experience the feeling of danger

There is an opinion that people having an affair on the side, like to feel a sense of danger, the possibility of getting caught on the hot excites them. Most likely, these people subconsciously want to be exposed, to seize the opportunity to break off a relationship that burdened them, but to put an end they somehow did not dare.

But in most cases, people who are afraid to be exposed, feel terribly guilty, and even can not fully enjoy the romance on the side, because they have to constantly think that all traces of the "crime" they swept. Very few adults say that risking your marriage, home, and relationships with their children - it is truly exciting.