Crawling - fitness is gaining popularity a new trend

• Crawl - fitness is gaining popularity a new trend

Throw away your bike, ballet flats and a gymnastic ball, because they replace the creeps. New fitness area fast gaining fans around the world.

Crawling - fitness is gaining popularity a new trend

The exercise which will see more in the nursery than in the gym, it may well successfully fit into the usual routine workout. During the crawl there is no need for additional hardware, as your own weight acts as a load. Due to its affordability the new direction of fitness is becoming increasingly popular.

"This exercise is similar to a new, more interesting version of" strips "- says fitness expert Ashley Hunt. She believes that the crawl can be successfully incorporated into a cycle of high-intensity interval training, performed at home.

This opinion is shared and personal trainer and a representative of the company Lululemon Ellie Gray: "Crawl has several advantages. It is isometric movement, that is, you exert a lot of effort to keep his position with repeated stress. It helps to strengthen the entire body - from the shoulders to the wrists and hips, ankles and toes. According to some studies, it is also useful for crawling back and normalizes blood pressure. " When you perform a crawl on a bear, for example, a person must control the balance of the whole body. The works include the fingers, wrists, forearms, elbows, shoulders, spine, hips, ankles and toes, so that crawling is more effective than other forms of exercise.

So, as a novice can join the new trend? Gray advises to start slowly.

First try to crawl like a baby - as you did as a child. Hands in front of the thighs wide apart, crawl back and forth synchronously moving his hands and knees and keeping the spine straight. After follow several approaches infant crawling, tighten your abs and try to lift your knees a bit, without changing position. Repeat the movement forward and backward. body weight should be distributed evenly, the pelvis should not hang around or turn. When you have mastered the basic movements, you can easily turn crawl into your usual workout.

"The groups that I coach, usually perform a cycle of running up the stairs, planks, squats, Superman pose and bear crawl, changing exercises every few minutes. It is enough to soundly workout length of 30 to 45 minutes, "- said Gray.

Tips Ellie Gray to implement crawling at home

Get on the floor on four limbs. Put your arms straight out in front of him, under the shoulders. Kneel on the floor, thighs wide apart.

Firmly press on the floor with his hands and feet, lift your knees a couple of centimeters from the floor and take the position of "table" or "bear".

Keep the spine parallel to the floor, move forward hand, then the opposite leg, then the other arm and leg. Your movement should resemble a hunting cat.

Try to do the same in the reverse direction, moving the legs first, then arms. It introduces a completely new approach, in which you have to think about how to keep your balance.

Do not leave without attention to the surface on which you are doing, and take care of your knees and wrists. Do not lean all his weight on one any area, but the weight is distributed evenly throughout the body and keep the spine straight. You can move forward, backward or sideways - as you like.