"Victory" watery element: a woman, managed to survive after falling into a waterfall

• "winning" the watery element: a woman, managed to survive after falling in the waterfall

Man has always wanted to conquer the forces of nature. Everyone does it in their own way: one master wing, the other descended into the bowels of the earth, and the third to conquer the watery element. So, in the early twentieth century, desperate daredevils went to Niagara Falls, to go down in a barrel of water from a height of 53 meters. The first person to "win" the waterfall, did not some hothead and a widowed 63-year-old teacher Annie Edson Taylor.

On such a desperate act of a woman he did not dare to great courage, and despair. After Edson Taylor, Annie (Annie Edson Taylor) lost a husband, she was interrupted by casual earnings, which allowed her to barely make ends meet. In 1901, she read a newspaper article about people who commit dangerous stunts to the delight of the audience. The woman realized that it was her last chance to improve their financial situation.

Annie chose down the Niagara Falls in a barrel. To do this, she found Frank Russell's agent, which signed a contract for the preparation of the plan. Then there was a long wait for permission to descend from the local authorities, because all previous wishing died during a stunt performance.

In the end, the barrel tested on a cat. During the fall of the animal survived, suffered minor head injuries. October 24, 1901, the birthday of Annie was her turn.

The woman was placed in oak barrels of 1, 4 x 1 m. Inside were several pillows. Then barrel sealed, and air is pumped back to the boat sent upstream.

Several hundred people followed the fall of a huge barrel. When she emerged from the depths of the waterfall, rescuers rushed to catch her. The total stay in water Annie Edson Taylor lasted 20 minutes. As much as needed in order to catch it and get the woman out of the barrel.

When a woman wakes up and gave an interview to journalists, her agent has run away with the barrel and all contracts for which Annie Edson Taylor had to pay financial compensation.

Asked by journalists dared to Annie again on such an adventure, the woman said, it would be better to go to the gun muzzle, knowing that it will break into pieces, rather than once again experience a drop in the waterfall.

Postcard depicting events fall Annie Edson Taylor with Niagara Falls in a barrel.

Whatever it was, but Annie Edson Taylor went down in history as the first man who survived after falling in a barrel in Niagara Falls. Act brave women entailed dozens of followers. But only a few managed to survive.