5 most harmful products, which you should try to avoid

5 most harmful products, which you should try to avoid

Some of the products that are sold in stores, you can not eat at all, because they exist not because in any way we needed. They came because they were cheap to produce, and at the same time they create a powerful buyers psychological attachment.

We publish a short list of products that are for the human body is almost a poison. Try to use them as little as possible.

1. Chocolate bars and a variety of candy

5 most harmful products, which you should try to avoid

The daily rate of sugar, set by the World Health Organization is not more than 50 grams, which is equivalent to 10 teaspoons. At constant exceeds this amount, you run the risk of diseases such as obesity, diabetes and dental problems.

It is important to remember that the bulk of the sugar consumed by us - this is not the spoon that was added to the tea, and the fact that manufacturers put in the most unexpected products, such as yogurt, bread, sauces and many others. It is here that lies the greatest danger of all purchased chocolate bars, because they already contain daily intake of sugar, but apart from that in the composition there are various stabilizers, flavor enhancers and preservatives.

If you consider yourself to be an incorrigible sweet tooth, replace such bars to dark chocolate and chewing marmalade and candy on dried fruits and honey.

2. Roasted potatoes and fries

5 most harmful products, which you should try to avoid

About potatoes damage stock purchased at any fast food restaurant already known by many. Apart from the fact that its preparation uses genetically modified potato tubers with larger, the largest number of complaints it causes frying process. Frying come from inferior quality oil, which are used repeatedly, and therefore they form decomposition products of fats, which are carcinogenic. But what is wrong with the home fries, a favorite with many? Firstly, we should not forget that potatoes - is a starch, regular consumption of which is not the most favorable impact on the figure, and in tandem with the oil turns very dangerous for health and fitness.

3. Sausage and sausage

5 most harmful products, which you should try to avoid

Do not be naive to believe Pestryaev on labels of packages that the production of this variety of sausage or sausage used only natural meat without transgenic soybeans and other questionable ingredients. The truth is that any products of this category comprise mainly meat remnants, skin, cartilage and fat as well as soybeans, all kinds of preservatives and colorants, fragrances and thickeners.

In this way, regular consumption of sandwiches with sausage as breakfast or snack, as well as various sausages and frankfurters as a main dish, accompanied by a side dish, will over time not only to serious problems with weight, but also to cardiovascular, and even oncological diseases .

4. Popcorn

5 most harmful products, which you should try to avoid

It would seem, corn, used to make this delicacy - a valuable, though enough high-calorie product, which contains a lot of vitamins and minerals. However, the popcorn was in our list today, and this is no accident. All matter is that for its preparation used oil, sugar and karamelizatory in one case, and the salt taste enhancers in another.

The amount of optional ingredients contained in the single serving popcorn is significantly higher than the daily dose recommended by the person. For example, a one-time use of such amounts of sugar can cause a sharp rise in blood glucose and salt, in turn, lead to increased pressure and more stress on the kidneys.

5. Sauces

5 most harmful products, which you should try to avoid

Wanting to diversify the usual menu and fill the dishes with new flavors, many add ready-made sauces, bought in the nearest supermarket. The most favorite and popular are, of course, mayonnaise and ketchup. But no natural eggs or tomatoes from which these sauces should be carried out, as part no.

In pursuit of taste we get only dangerous for the organism transfats, sugar, emulsifiers and preservatives. Additional harm lies in the most plastic bottles are used instead of the glass manufacturers to reduce the cost of the finished product. The fact that it can enter into chemical reactions with some components of the sauce and become toxic. As a result of all these toxins at risk of being in our body.