"Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson". As filmed legendary film

• "Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson." As filmed legendary film

The history of our famous series about Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson started with the script. Dunskiy Julius and Valeriy Frid once came to the "thumbnail" in the creative association of television films and laid on the table of the main editor Alla Borisova scenario that no one ordered. It was their own initiative - to film the two early works of Arthur Conan Doyle's "A Study in Scarlet" and "The Adventure of the Speckled Band".

Igor Maslennikov, who was not a big fan of detective fiction, this scenario is like. Like the fact that he had one important feature. It was called "Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson." The fundamental error of two hundred films based on the stories of Sherlock Holmes in the world, lies in the fact that everywhere appears only Holmes. Despite the fact that all the Holmes stories are written as if Watson in the film he is unfairly overs. This eliminates the pairing of characters. Maslennikov noticed that Watson did little attention.

In the scenario Dunskiy and Frida loved him exactly how amazingly accurate and ironically were discharged the relationship between two people. Watson became interesting, alive. That's why he decided to take up production.

The most difficult stage of the assertion proved performers in leading roles. Holmes Maslennikov wanted to shoot from the very beginning Vasily Livanov, with whom he collaborated on his previous film "Yaroslavna - Queen of France," where he played Basil B. Knight Benedictus.

Fotoproby Vasily Livanov at the role of Holmes:

But the choice had to defend - to Livanov not even want to hear, and it is strongly recommended to look for another actor, such as Oleg Yankovsky, Sergey Jurassic, Alexander Kaidanovsky. Fotoproby Alexander Kaidanovsky the role of Holmes:

But the rescue came Maslennikov contemporary Conan Doyle first illustrator of short stories about Sherlock Holmes Sidney Edward Paget. Fotoproby Livanov are matched with a pattern beginning of XX century and doubts disappear.

The fate of Dr. Watson will play a role, too, picture, but different. The fact that over 100 years of existence of this character, no one thought about what he looks like. Thus, in the London museum Watson very different: thick, thin, with a mustache, a beard, wearing glasses, without glasses, red, black, bald, that is to say no. He seems to be elusive. When the director offered his role Vitaly Solomin, over him, even almost started to laugh - at Solomin never seen an Englishman. As he was a Russian snub-nosed countenance will play an Englishman. The photo sample was invited to the other actors: Oleg Basilashvili, Alexander Kalyagin, Yuri Bogatyrev, Leonid Kuravlev. But here Maslennikov in the actor's department of "Lenfilm" found a photo Vitaly Solomin with glued British army mustache. The spores then dried. Solomin similarity with itself by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was struck by all.

These fotoproby in 1979 Vasily Livanov and Vitaly Solomin will meet for the first time. Like their characters, they became good friends and have kept this friendship for life. Vasily Livanov in an interview called it one of the components of success of the film. True friendship is impossible to play, he said. To the viewer into it I believe the partners actually had to be friends.

Livanov and Solomin in the country for a tea party, 1982 (photo by V. Zavyalov):

For Mrs. Hudson Maslennikov was looking for an intelligent elderly woman who could be anyone - an Englishwoman, a French, Dutch, Russian. Tried different actress Eugenia Khanayeva Love Dobrzhanskaya. But it was in Rina Green, which at that time was almost 80 years old, he saw what he was looking for. She also did not want to argue for a role. It was said that she was at that age that will not sustain load: "How are we going to take her from Moscow to Leningrad?" She herself joking on that. Her name was in fact not actually Rina and Yekaterina. Once Maslennikov said to her, "Can I call you will Yekaterina?" "What do you mean - the answer - it is better to call me V. Ruin". In the film, Mrs. Hudson only a few phrases, but the actress did every line impact. It was great to do. When the first film, Maslennikov said Reena Vasil: "We have good at it. You please the audience. Let's increase your role, I will add, add ... "She replied:" No, no, no! I've never played the furniture, and I like it. "

Rina Green on the set of the movie "Bloody inscription" 1979 (from the archives of V. Livanov):

According to the script of the film "Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson," the role of Inspector Lestrade was comical and before the director Igor Maslennikov was a problem to find this role comical, funny actor. It turned out that all of our comedians have something very much Russian, and find the "Englishman" - this is the whole problem. For this role I was offered two very different facial features of actors - Lev Durov and Alexander Shirvindt. But samples Maslennikov saw that as soon as they start playing at once something goes not English. And then he remembered Brondukova, which, as it seemed, was international.

They met, but Borislav Nikolaevich once said: "What I am English? I've got a Ukrainian accent! "Maslennikov said that the role can be overdubbed. Then Brondukov said: "It's great if it's Igor Yefimov." Was "Lenfilm" this actor, who worked mainly in dublyazhnoy group. In Borislav it worked inner instinct - Efimov voiced the role brilliantly. Figure role was found pretty quickly. But the suit had to tinker. But when I finally found a way Lestrade - still not enough for him, he just gets out, all he has tightened "to whistle" - what Brondukov immediately knew what to do. Through this form, through these leggings, through this stupid hat I knew where to go.

A single word about the music for the film. Maslennikov himself admitted that a huge part of the success - it's the music. "Get out of these films to music by Vladimir Dashkevich - and they will become boring, insipid," - he said in an interview. However, the style was not immediately found. The director tried to explain how could a composer, what "British, imperial," and at the same time ironic music I would like to be in the film, even spent the night at the radio recording on cassette music BBC saver. Maslennikov insisted that Dashkevich heard this screensaver and wrote something in this style, but the composer constantly forgot about the radio. When the director once again called with a reminder Dashkevich despair just picked up the phone on a long cord, I pulled him to the piano and played the first thing that came to mind. And the answer was: "Vladimir Sergeyevich, but in any case, do not leave like this, right now, take a pencil and write down you Well then forget it." This is how the legendary melody that accompanies all the films of the series of Holmes.

Figure Victor Okovitogo the film "Introduction" (from the archive Maslennikov):

It remains to find where to shoot Victorian England. Mrs. Hudson apartment itself was made in the halls of Lenfilm old photographs the Sherlock Holmes Museum. Great success for the film, according to the director, and became the artist Mark Kaplan. Specifically for the film, he studied illustration Sidney Paget, who has worked on books, Conan Doyle during his lifetime. Pyrotechnics Alexander Yakovlev invented plaster fireplace logs. All surprised to find that you can make a fireplace in the pavilion, which will be exactly like the real thing. Of refractory bricks were laid fireplace base, more pyrotechnics constructed with a metal cap tube was packed in the bottom of the tube-shaped serpentine burner connected to the gas cylinder. This burner decorated painted plaster logs. flame size regulated valve. Operator A. noodles, assistant of A. Ustinov, Maslennikov and others in "Holmes apartment", 1980 (from the archive Maslennikov).:

But in search of street scenes Maslennikov traveled half the country. And finally he found the Baker Street in Riga.

But in search of street scenes Maslennikov traveled half the country. And finally he found the Baker Street in Riga.

Titles for the series invented himself Maslennikov. His idea has embodied the artist combined shooting: While there was no computer graphics and all things artisanal.

That's what Victor recalled Okovity, the artist combined shooting:

"I want the titles to appear on the paper after ironing iron", - said the director. "And I was thinking how to do it, where to get the old English iron as to make the lettering appear that it is in the style of the painting, and so on. Another shot he wanted with the spray or cologne that sprays a mysterious fluid, exhibiting the letters. I was just at this time, in 1978, married, and I was presented with an unusual French cologne beautiful bottle. I have it and adapted for this version of the appearance of the letters. "

Figure Victor Okovitogo the film "Bloody inscription" (from the archive Maslennikov):

Furniture, paintings, pottery found in museums, bought from the population. The British saw the movie, were surprised: the details, down to the table setting - all authentically. Livanov pipe smoking for real, but the violin - a professional musician imitates the movement, which showed how to do it.

By the way, the tubes in the film was three. Exactly the same, they differ only in stamps. First made famous master Fedorov, nicknamed "Santa", which is still to Stalin and Simenon tube did. He made the first tube and almost immediately afterwards was killed under the wheels of a trolley bus. Between filming the first and second films this tube was stolen. A second tube made disciples Fedorov. After filming some episodes of the second tube migrated to Lenfilm Museum. Third already I do not know who did, and who knows already, why could not take advantage of the second. But this third tube survived and kept by Livanov. He smoked tobacco in it "Golden Fleece" (although, according to another of his own version - "Amphora"). The tube was so big that it was hard to keep your teeth - it breaks in a third pack. Vasily Livanov as Holmes (photo D. Don, APN):

Igor Maslennikov did not think to do the show. He wanted to be limited to one film. But the success was such that in the end he had to shoot a sequel. As a result, 5 films from 11 series was filmed. And no one, at least in our country, no more doubts, look like Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson.