Secret paths leading to the underworld

• The secret trails leading to the underworld

Hades, Naraka, hell - the name of the other world varies from religion to religion, but the meaning remains the same. Every religious practice has its own concept of the place where to send the wicked soul for repentance. But here there are not only the dead. Legends claim that each of the following places in the literal sense is the gate that leads to the underworld.

Secret paths leading to the underworld

Cape Matapan


Cape Matapan caves are located on the southern tip of mainland Greece. To find them, we will have to go down under the rock, to the very level of the sea. It was here that the ancient Greeks possessed move to Hades. Who knows, maybe they were not so wrong.

Secret paths leading to the underworld



Stratovolcano known as Hekla is located far in the southern mountains of Iceland. In the Middle Ages this place ran monks Cistercians. In 1180 the monk Gerbert de Clairvaux described the volcano chapter of his book Liber De Miraculis. Another monk, Vistserionsky Benedict, believed that it was here devils dragged the soul of Judas. Local folklore is still alive, if you are thinking of a walk to the volcano on the eve of Easter, then you definitely dissuaded: at this time there are going to witches and wizards.

Secret paths leading to the underworld

Ghost Town Fandom


Village at the northern end of the Yangtze River, there are already more than 2000 years. Fandom is famous for its amazing traditional architecture and an abundance of statues, made with non-transferable skills. Its streets and squares are filled with statues of ghosts and demons, as well as a poignant reminder of the penalties that await the wicked in the next life.

Secret paths leading to the underworld

Lake Curtius


In fact, it has no lake and the ruins in the heart of the Roman Forum. According to Titus Libya, and Plutarch, this place used to be a deep cleft that leads straight to hell. Here, allegedly threw the young soldier Marcus Curtius, sacrificing oneself underground gods in the name of Rome.

Secret paths leading to the underworld

Gates Wood


According to mythology, Voodoo, the recently deceased are sent into a kind of purgatory before they get to the underworld. Here they meet their ancestors and brought before the court of Baron Samedi. On the physical plane, the gateway to the sanctuary of the Loa located in New Orleans at the crossroads of Canal Street and Basin Street.