Rules of Life actor Hugh Jackman

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Rules of Life actor Hugh Jackman

I often ask the question, what superpowers, I would like to have. And no one asked why I decided to become an actor.

lecturer on investigative journalism often drove us to the Supreme Court, and even then I knew that with this profession I have does not work out: I do not have enough tenacity, I was too naive and gullible.

you wake me wolverine, if you do three things: will touch my children and loved ones will press me against the wall and hit the nose.

the worst moment in my career - when I sang the national anthem before the game Rugby on one hundred thousandth the stadium in Melbourne.

I risk and prefer to say "yes." I do not want to be on his deathbed, and to think that did something out of fear.

most of all, I regret the fact that he refused to appear in "Chicago." It seemed to me that 30 years - very young age to say, "I've seen everything." The role went to Richard Gere, and he was great.

I do not care that I do not have the "Oscar", but I'd be lying, saying that absolutely indifferent to it. Still, "Oscar" - a sign of recognition.

We all want more and are waiting for the approval of others - and these desires will never be able to fully satisfy. Unlike Barnum, my character in the movie "The greatest showman," I never had to choose between career and family. All the decisions I make in terms of how it will affect my marriage. While working on "Les Miserables," I was not at home for a long time, although I do not usually leave more than two weeks. My wife supported me, and I believe that it was a great sacrifice on her part.

I'm friends with the numbers. Of course, there are people better than me, but for an actor, I think I even good. My father worked as an accountant at PricewaterhouseCoopers (consulting -. Esquire), so the lack of advice, I did not feel.

I will not worry when Wolverine to play someone else.

most of my roles has already been proposed to someone before me - this is our industry.

Whoever replaces me in the role of Wolverine, the man will not call me and ask how to play better.

My wife says I'm a classic librarian. I am a patient and meticulous - the work on the "greatest entertainer" was seven and a half years. I'd rather wait than be hurry and do anyhow.

no need to be afraid of heated debate. Just be prepared to stand up for what you believe.

I do not share photos of their children instagrame because it is convinced that they have the right to decide want Whether publicity. I do not like when my children take off the paparazzi. In some countries, children can not take pictures, and I fully support.

My mother left when I was eight years old. It was a horrible time for our entire family. No one would not wish.

perhaps a difficult childhood is the reason that I am so protective of their family.

I do not read the comments for this I have very thin skin. From reading all necessarily only remember the bad.

my father was a very religious man. Once he told me: "Faith does not define the word, and action." I have never heard him say anything bad about others. And yes, for all his life he never missed a day's work. No one. He worked seven days a week and brought up five children.

I am quite strict father. My children know that there are limits and they should be respected. If I said

eight in the morning - then, at eight in the morning.

people think that everything is given to me easily. In principle, this is my job - to do everything to make them further so it seemed.