"A lie, a lie is everywhere, even in orbit!" Or some common misconceptions about the cosmos

What would you do in the first place if they knew that many of the facts about space, you know, it's a lie? Likely to be surprised and upset, is not it? But do not worry, you're not alone. Most people will be traced such a reaction, and in particular those who are interested in the study of outer space. As would be sad as it may sound, but many people have in regard to space, frankly believe false information.

Why is it? In fact, the fact there are lots of reasons. Various facts about the universe are losing relevance so fast that even renowned astronauts have to very carefully keep track of all these changes. So, you want to know what actually is a lie and what is truth? If yes, then let's go!

The astronauts simply hover in orbit

All anything, but in reality this assertion is far from reality. When you see in the pictures, the astronauts float freely inside the shuttle, it is because in fact the shuttle, and along with it the astronaut is in a state of free fall. So why all this happiness just does not crash to Earth? Quite simply, their lateral speed is too large, so in fact they are all shipped through time horizon.

The sun yellow

In fact, the white sun, just most of the time it seems to us yellow due to the refraction of light rays in the atmosphere.

Your mobile phone is powered by a satellite

This is not the case. Ninety-nine percent of all communication in the world occurs through the cable cover. Only a small part of mobile devices does use satellite signals.

to fly through dangerous asteroid belt

If you watched "Star Wars," you probably already understand what we mean. However, the reality is a bit different, as shown by our guys from Hollywood, and if you are really flying through the asteroid belt, you would, for sure, did not even notice. The fact that the actual density of the asteroid is much less than we show in the space thriller and horror movies.

The Great Wall of China - it's the only building erected by man, which is visible from space

No, the Great Wall of China - is far from being the only building that is actually visible. For example, with the International Space Station, in addition to the Great Wall of China, you can see many other modern buildings, however, is to pay tribute to the ancient Chinese, their wall - it really is the most visible human construction on the planet.

Mercury - this is the hottest planet

Due to the fact that Mercury is so close to the Sun, many of us, certainly consider it the hottest planet in the Solar System. In fact, it is not. Atmosphere of Venus provides at its surface temperature of about 480 degrees Celsius, while the average temperature on the surface of Mercury jumps in the vicinity of 167 degrees Celsius.

The Sun - is a huge ball of fire

This is another common misconception, because in fact no fire in the Sun is not. Fire can burn only in a medium with sufficient oxygen content, and the sun consists predominantly of hydrogen and helium. In fact, the heat that comes from the Sun, is the result of a succession of complex fusion reactions. The pressure and temperature in the solar core lead to the fact that the hydrogen atoms are converted into helium atoms, and it is generated light and solar heat as a result of this process.

"dark side" of the Moon does not exist

In fact, the moon is no "dark side" that would be forever shrouded in impenetrable darkness. Just one side of the moon is always closed from our eyes because of the constant rotation of the Earth and the Moon in space, so that this phenomenon would be more correct to name not the "dark" and the far side of the moon. The only way to see the far side - is to fly around the moon in a spaceship.

In the space cold

This is not quite true. In fact, to measure the temperature in space is almost impossible, because there is, in fact, there is what to measure. The temperature is defined as the velocity of the atoms, and as in the vacuum of space with a small deficit atoms, the space is not cold or hot, it is no more. And yes, you can not freeze in space. If a person suddenly will be in the open space, then theoretically he would rather not zadubeet and overheat. Why? Just because the heat generated by our body, there is no where to go. On Earth, the heat transfer takes place by convection, and other similar processes, as well as in space there is no temperature, and to give its heat to the surrounding area, you will not be able to.

In space, your blood boils

Again, this is not true. Although when the pressure all the liquid begins to boil at a lower temperature, with your blood that did not happen. As your blood circulates through a closed circulatory system, zero pressure effect will not have an instant effect on her. Of course, if a person suddenly appears in open space without a spacesuit, all liquids which are in direct contact with the environment (saliva, your eyes, and so on) immediately boil, but they are not hot. They're just a second turn to gas under the influence of low pressure.