"For the sake of art, you can go to great!" Or some stories about how famous actors were transformed for the filming of the movie

Each of us do not mind to see the movie Mighty evening after work, but maybe not everyone knows what they are going for the proposed role of the actors. Some donate a beautiful head of hair, which they are so long and hard to let grow, others for the role transform themselves into different mythical creatures, and this transformation takes place every day for several hours in the dressing room.

The entire preparation for a particular motion picture is very long time, because it does not matter how good the actor got used to the role, in addition to this, the external data play a very important role. Today we talk about the actors, who for the role polnela beyond recognition, as well as lose weight, cut her beautiful hair or wear a make-up, which is entirely changed their appearance. So, we offer you heed some very interesting stories about the actors who went to great lengths for their roles.

Jared Leto, "Chapter 27"

Jared Leto - the world-famous singer of American alternative rock band "Thirty Seconds to Mars", but in addition to his musical career man lit in several films, such as the famous "Panic Room," "Requiem for a Dream," "Fight Club" "Lord of War," "suicide squad" and so on. He is no stranger to yo-yo effect (periodic weight loss and weight gain); he changes his appearance for the role in the "one-two-three," and confirmation of this is the popular all over the world, "Dallas Buyers Club". In this motion picture he played the HIV-positive transgender woman named Reyon, and to the role was performed one hundred percent, he lost more than 18 kilograms.

It is because of filming in this drama Summer was among the nominees for "Oscar" and "Golden Globes". Before you withdraw this motion picture, Jared had thorough approach to his role in the famous biographical drama "Chapter 27". In it, he played Mark Chapman, the mentally ill, who killed John Lennon. While preparing for this role, Jared had to get better at thirty kilograms. A lot of weight on the affected man. He admitted that his cholesterol level increased greatly, and in that time he began gout.

In order to gain such a huge amount of excess weight, Summer basically eating ice cream, fast food and potato with soy sauce. . In an interview with the producer of this movie JP Schaefer said: "The film will appeal to many fans of Jared Leto. His work and transformation are impressive. This is amazing in every way. "

Charlize Theron, "Monster"

One of the most beautiful and talented American actress, model, origin South African Charlize Theron. Because of the role of the famous movie "Mad Max: Road Fury" Charlize obstrigla their hair at the root, but it transformed beyond recognition just in the famous film "Monster", the shooting which brought her "Oscar" for best actress. Charlize in the movie playing the role of a prostitute by the name of Aileen Wuornos, who was a female serial killer.

For the sake of the role Theron recovered fourteen kilograms and had a dental prosthesis to be more like her character. Charlize game was great. She was able to so accurately transfer the image on the screen of the present Eileen that "Oscar" for best actress is justified. We can only say "Bravo!".

Anne Hathaway, "Les Miserables"

We all saw how Anne Hathaway, thanks to her role in "The Princess Diaries," began to conquer Hollywood. It can be seen in many films that are quite in good standing with the critics, but one motion picture, according to most actresses, was given her very hard. In a film called "Les Miserables" (original title "Les Miserables") Hathaway plays Fantine. For the sake of this role, the actress had to lose weight at 11 kilograms, and at the end of filming for another seven.

What is interesting, to lose weight for the role was purely a desire to Anne. It seemed to her that, thanks to just such a drastic change, it will be the most realistic game. In addition, Hathaway shaved his head bald on. Its a great game was appreciated. Anne Hathaway was nominated for the award "Oscar", "Golden Globe", "a BAFTA" and the US Screen Actors Guild Award.

Natalie Portman, "Black Swan"

A sophisticated and beautiful ballerina, which each of us has seen in "Black Swan", was very close to the spirit of Natalie Portman. The famous actress had to lose weight for the role of 9 kg. In addition, she studied ballet dancing for 16 hours a day and almost nothing to eat. According to Natalie, there were days when she thought she was going to die, because there simply was emptied from exhaustion.

In an interview, the actress admitted that this was the role that fascinated her from the start reading the script, but that she and her nearly killed. For a great game in the movie "Black Swan" Natalie Portman won the award "Oscar", "Golden Globe" award and a Screen Actors Guild "Saturn" award.