These brothers triplets did not know 19 years of the existence of each other

If to Tim Wardle filmed a feature film about the brothers, triplets who were separated at birth and reunited by chance, you probably would have noticed skeptical - some intricate plot invented the director, to draw the attention of the audience for his film.

These brothers triplets did not know 19 years of the existence of each other

Bobby Shafran, Eddy Galland and David Kellman

But his debut documentary and journalistic film "Three identical stranger", which premiered recently at the film festival of independent cinema "Sundance", tells the story of Bobby saffron, Eddie and David Galland Kellmane, which until 19 years had no idea that they are triplets.

The amazing story began in 1980 when he entered the Saffron Sullivan County Community College, a two-hour drive from New York City, and he was informed that the college he has a twin named Eddy Galland.

Saffron Galland sought out, and they were absolutely stunned by their outward resemblance. They match their birthdays, interests, voices, mannerisms and even his hands.

Accidental reunion of twins separated at birth, was enough to make this story hit the front pages of local newspapers, but the continuation of the story was even more unexpected.

When the story of the brothers who have found each other again, read Kellman, he realized that he, too, looks exactly the same as they were, that he was born on the same day and was also adopted.

Now the three guys met and immediately found a common language. They gathered, began to study at the same course in International Marketing. Public interest flared up even more, and the brothers became famous.

'The combination of dream and reality'

"What happened to us, so little resemblance to the reality of what was perceived almost like a dream" - says Saffron.

They opened a restaurant called "triple" - where visitors are offered dishes of Eastern European cuisine. But soon a quarrel between the brothers began on the conduct of business and the distribution of responsibilities. As a result, frustrated Saffron has decided to retire.

These brothers triplets did not know 19 years of the existence of each other

Bobby Shafran and David Kellman

This was followed by tragedy. Galland increasingly fell into a state of depression and became mentally unstable. In the end, he took his own life. He was 33 years old.

Journalist and writer Lawrence Wright is also interested in the unusual story of the brothers who did not know anything about their relationship, though living in a radius of 100 miles from each other. He decided to look into their origins and made a startling discovery.

It turned out that the separation of the brothers has been conceived as part of an experiment on the education and formation of twins nature. I conducted an experiment Dr. Peter Neubauer - psychoanalyst, director of the Child Development Center at the Jewish family council. He persuaded the adoption agency to send their children to different homes without informing the adoptive parents, these children are, in fact, twins.

Year after year, the researchers studied the development of children, formation of their personalities and their relationships in a variety of foster homes.

'not a member, and the victims'

Wardle worked on the film for five years. "They are very pleasant to talk to people, but despite this, and felt a certain degree of mistrust that is easy to understand, knowing how they were treated," - said the director.

After filming ended, the Jewish council finally agreed to give the brothers, who are now in 56 years, access to carefully edit notes (100 000 pages), which were recorded in their development data, starting from infancy.

These brothers triplets did not know 19 years of the existence of each other

But these notes were not like the official scientific report on the progress of research work and did not contain any explanation as to what he was doing Neubauer, or why, or what the results reached by researchers.

No one has ever apologized or Kellmanu Shafran and the Jewish Council refused to take part in the documentary.

"The Jewish Council does not approve the study Neubauer," - said a spokesman for the organization. According to her, the council "commits itself to eventually provide all identified members of truthful information about the experiment Neubauer research by providing access to available documentation."

However, it is not the words that would like to hear from them brothers.

"They treat us like to experiment participants, - says Kellman. "We were not actors, we were victims."