One-on-one with the world, or traveling alone

Very often, looking through brochures in a travel agency, we can not help think about that, or maybe "savage"? As the experience of hitch-hikers and travelers, not so devil as he is painted.

One-on-one with the world, or traveling alone

Many people are simply open-minded and think in stereotypes, some are just afraid that the outside of their home will be difficult to enjoy nature and the world, someone is afraid to travel without a safety net, someone difficult to adapt and find a common language with people. But correct yourself motivated, you can see the whole world, to experience all the beauty of nature around us, to get acquainted with the peculiarities of national cuisines and meet a lot of interesting personalities. The world is full of good and open people who are willing not only to show their city, but also to offer accommodation.

One-on-one with the world, or traveling alone

If you are an active user of Internet resources, you must have heard about kauchserferah. If not, let us explain a little. Kauchserfery - is a community of people who not only travel around the world, but they themselves receive visitors from other countries in your home. It is very convenient as it can be anywhere in the world, having access to the Internet, do not worry about where to spend the night and wait out the bad weather. In traveling around the world alone in a lot of positive moments:

• it is cheaper than any guided tour;

• self-selection and route planning;

• Erasing the language barrier; • reliability and no bindings to the calendar and time;

• incomparable experiences and unexpected adventures;

• New acquaintances;

• with nothing comparable experience.

Travel alone - it's interesting

One-on-one with the world, or traveling alone

There is no doubt want to see the world to everyone, and if you have already decided to go it alone on the road, it is necessary to clearly plan your route and make a check-list. Of course, there will be unexpected expenses, so it is necessary that there was a small reserve of cash.

Also worth to take care of a house. This can be done either by reservation at the hotel or using the suggestions of people in the global network Hospitalitynetwork hospitality.

By selecting a country and a place to sleep, you need to make a detailed travel itinerary, examine the laws of the country in which you want to visit, to mark on a map the places where, first of all, I would like to get there, and then, building on this, to make the further route.

One-on-one with the world, or traveling alone

The tour company or to many advantages, one of which increase the level of spoken English. In most countries, people communicate in this language, which means that the longer the journey, the better your spoken language.

Traveling without a tour operator does not need to worry about what may have problems with the flight or hotel will be booked entirely different category. No need to look for a transfer, to register with the guide. You are your own guides, and only you are responsible for the quality of their stay. Providing most of the nuances, you can easily protect themselves from all sorts of problems that may arise during the trip.

One-on-one with the world, or traveling alone

The most vivid impressions - this unexpected experience. To meet a dawn, see the sunset, enjoy the city views from skyscrapers, canoe along the Amazon or the Nile, not thinking about that tomorrow need to go home - this is a big plus traveling alone!

in the ointment - spoon of tar, or more negative, which easily turn the pros

One-on-one with the world, or traveling alone

The first disadvantage, which is easiest to turn into a plus - a visa. If this is not your first trip, you get an entry permit to the country's labor will not make. If you are traveling abroad for the first time it is also not difficult, but a little longer time.

Minor inconveniences may occur with adaptation to an unfamiliar environment, so you should stock up on a good first-aid kit and knowledge about exotic diseases that are prevalent in tropical countries.

Finally I would like to say that the key to successful, safe and interesting journey - its competent planning. Do not be afraid to travel alone, achieve new heights, conquer the steep cliffs, and join in the bustle of the city streets and get invaluable experience.