What women need: Psychologist response

• What women need: Psychologist response

Mutual dislike, divorce, awkward meeting and looks surreptitiously - that's what haunts couple after parting. Not very pleasant picture. What if you say, dear man, that most of it is you brought love women? Psychologist Justin Shanfarber in his article tried to answer the question of what the woman wants. Read this and your home life and married life will be better.

What women need: Psychologist response

On the background of the many problems associated with the crisis in the relationship, lack of understanding and incompatibility, men need to know only one thing. Women leave even from those whom they love. And it is a fact.

What women need: Psychologist response

It makes a girl suffer. Tearing her heart apart. It makes you hate and despise himself. But it's still going on. Sooner or later, a woman can get away from the man she loves.

Children, house, property and capital - all this is not a significant barrier to the one that already sees itself free.

What women need: Psychologist response

Women destroy families for various reasons. But one of them disturbs the partner most of all - its men are not around.

He is at work on a fishing trip, in a campaign, drinking beer with friends - it does not matter. Even if he had gone on an urgent matter, this is a blow to the relationship of the fortress.

What women need: Psychologist response

"He's not there. It is not, when you need it. I am alone, "- these terrible thoughts lead to the sudden decision to sever relations. In this regard, selfish woman. There is no business that is 100% justified by the fact that her men are not around.

This does not mean that a bad or irresponsible partner. It can be attentive, attractive appearance, sexually active. A man can build a life and be a great father, family support and is still losing his woman.

What women need: Psychologist response


"Someone can just come and beat me up. Rape. Humiliate and rob "- that thinks most women while their husbands are not around.

Such a possibility is not just scare them. She just thought that it might be attacked, brings the woman to tears.

It is impossible to determine, assess such thoughts. Good or bad? Yes, a woman requires a great deal, but it is not a thing and not an investment (and sometimes men see his girl that way). She has a right to impose conditions that are understandable and easily workable.

What women need: Psychologist response

"Sometimes couples come to me. The man is almost always silent. He is satisfied as to think rationally. His life, family, career, children, favorite car - everything is under control and "works" as necessary. But the woman mentally exhausted and lost. In such an alliance is nothing to save, "- said the psychologist.

A woman wants to feel close. Passion. Do not desire or lust. Passion for it and to life. Feeling that in this world there is someone who is always by her side.

What women need: Psychologist response

Not just be in the same house or room. You need to feel a partner. See, feel, understand. It is important to be able to hear and be silent right.

Take a look at it differently. Try to see it in person. When she pay attention to this answer: "I'm looking at you. I want to know what you are. After all these years, every day and every minute I want to know you, the real one. "

What women need: Psychologist response

But it works only when a man realizes that these thoughts sincere.

Many partners make the mistake of perceiving sex purely as a process to achieve pleasure. Worth trying to turn any touch of the mystery.

"Look at her. She feels on your touch? Perhaps she closed her eyes and her breathing quickened? Or she recoiled? It is important to be able to read the signs and know when a woman wants to close ", - says the psychologist.

But the man is busy. Work, home, television and a jar of beer in the fridge. Who said that a woman - a complex personality? Nothing like this! Food, cosmetics and manicure - this is a sphere of interest, is not it?

So what does a woman want? For the most part, the answer is one - to her man was there.