How to revive your laptop battery

• How to revive your laptop battery

Over the past few years, technology has leaped forward. Despite this, the life of laptop batteries still leaves much to be desired. Sooner or later, even the most advanced battery approaches the end of the number of available charge cycles, after which it becomes useless. Can I turn on the battery so hopeless laptop? Yes, but will have to work hard.

How to revive your laptop battery

Method one: Frozen

How to revive your laptop battery

This method is only suitable for nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride battery. it does not work for lithium batteries. Also, the method does not work if the battery is old as the dinosaurs. In all other cases, you can try to remove it from the computer and freeze. If lucky, freezing starts the formation of electrolytes and slow motion of free electrodes, thus solving the (temporarily) problem, on which part of the battery system.

Putting the battery into the freezer need to 10 hours by first placing it into tight bag is not leaky. After returning from the freezer compartment, the battery is necessary to warm up to room temperature by leaving it in place without sunlight. IMPORTANT: To resort to this method is only in the most extreme case, there is a danger of explosion!

The second way: maximum stress

How to revive your laptop battery

The method is only used for lithium batteries. Back to the battery life can supply a maximum voltage. It will need a clamp, a thin wire and laptop charger (or power supply). Before you take up operation, it is necessary to wear safety goggles and prepare the place of work. Initially we are looking for with the help of additional information from the Internet the positive and negative battery terminals. Now cut the wires 2 to 6 cm and clean them covering a length of 1-2 cm.

One wire connects to the plus and minus battery. The second wire fastened on one side to the battery pole, and another side of the clamp. Last connect to the negative outer conductor. Construction should be left as such for 2 hours. In any case, for the battery should keep an eye on. Do not leave it so overnight or unattended! When the specified time length passes to gently disconnect the battery from all wires. IMPORTANT: To resort to this method, it is necessary only in extreme cases, there is a danger of explosion!

The third way: the replacement of cells

How to revive your laptop battery

The most adventurous method, which is to simply change the broken cells in the battery. After that, the battery can both earn and do not earn. Try, of course, possible.

It should be borne in mind that the cell must be of the same chemical composition as the rated voltage of the new cells must match the voltage of old, they must have the same capacity in mAh, and must be identical and their size.

For the implementation of the plan will need tools for soldering. The cells resemble conventional batteries. Taking out the old, remember their location. Before installation, you should check each multimeter. After replacement, you need to let it stand for 48 hours without the battery case somewhere in the shadows.