What threatens the car "ride" on the handbrake

• What threatens the car "ride" on the handbrake

Surely, every driver at least once in their "career" forget that it "swallow" currently stands on the handbrake. Even if this happens, the vast majority of motorists immediately recalls what was going on and fixes the problem. However, there are situations when the brake is activated, you can drive a very respectable distance. Let us examine just what is fraught with for a long car or regular "riding" on the handbrake.

What threatens the car

1. The overall impact of driving on the handbrake

What threatens the car

If you ride in a car, which now stands on the handbrake - it is about to compete for a bulky goods, the weight of which exceeds all acceptable technical parameters of the vehicle. On the rear wheel drive car (probably) did not get under way from a place, and if at the same time continue to persist in trying to pull away, then very soon it will be possible to feel the "flavor" of singed pads.

What threatens the car

If the car is all-wheel drive or front-wheel drive, then go to the handbrake forward is possible. Especially good is obtained in rain (or under similar weather conditions). At the same time, no matter what the car was not the drive, its engine and transmission will begin to experience the transcendent load. Accordingly, the wear parts quickly reaches critical values. The most severe consequences will always be for the transmission of the car.

2. Implications for the "mechanics"

What threatens the car

The least painful riding a handbrake passes for manual transmission. However, try still not worth it. Worst of all have to brake cylinders and clutches of the box, which can burn. This will prompt a characteristic odor, which will appear immediately in the cabin, if all went very sad.

Note: The worst of all, when the hand brake was not strongly tightened. Then, especially on slippery road, you can not really notice that you forgot something to do before the start.

3. Implications for the "machine"

What threatens the car

I'm sure you already knew that riding a handbrake is not the best way affects the transmission? So for automatic transmission case situation is very sad. In addition to the "base" set of problems such as uneven wear of tires, brakes, chassis, driving on the handbrake with automatic transmission is fraught with even the most overheated radiator box. It also inevitably lead to increased wear of the clutch is engaged.

If, after a trip to the handbrake when braking appeared vibration box fell into emergency mode, or the handbrake has lost the ability to hold the car on the side - that means it's time to shell out major repairs.

4. The consequences for the "option"

What threatens the car

The saddest of all possible scenarios unfolding for the CVT gearbox. That's because it has no rigid connection between the secondary and the primary shaft and runs on a belt slip on the cones. The maximum load when driving on the handbrake is precisely for such transmission. Wear of the belt and a number of other components occurs at an alarming rate. It ends all can so that the car would just go out of the bursting of the belt. The worst part is that after such a repair would be extremely difficult and expensive. With high probability replacing only one "box" is not get off.