The most expensive animals in the world

The most expensive animals in the world

Animals attracted people from time immemorial. No historian can not answer the question of when the first pets, and many people have confidence in the fact that cats and dogs have always lived side by side with humans.

If in the old days the animals were placed on certain expectations, for example, cats catching mice were expecting, and the dog - protection at home, in our days such requirements to pupils almost no one makes. Modern Pets - full-fledged family members. But beyond that, they are also often emphasize the social status of their owners, others demonstrate the level of human well-being.

Of course, every lover of living creatures curious what kind of pets the most "prestigious"? As far as they are expensive? Are they not all exotic or among the "status" of animals, there are quite ordinary?

Tibetan Mastiff dog for $ 1.9 million

Every dog ​​owner knows that the Tibetans are very expensive. But not everyone realizes how much can be high cost of such an animal.

The most expensive animals in the world

In 2014, a puppy of this breed was sold for 1, 900, 000 dollars to one of the Chinese businessmen. Of course, these dogs anciently called in the border regions of Tibet and special treatment has always been a symbol of wealth, power and spirituality of their owner. But it is unlikely in the Middle Ages for the puppies to pay so much to the monks, who were engaged in the old breeding these beautiful animals.

Labrador "test-tube": $ 155 000 per pet cloning

Americans - people with quirks. In sunny Florida resident spouse Otto - Nina and Edgar. In their home for many years lived a charming Golden Lab (golden labrador) named Sir Lancelot. The dog died in 2008 from cancer. The couple did not mourn who left their pet, they turned to animal cloning center and paid for the service 155 000 dollars. After some time in their house settled puppy, named Sir Lancelot Encore. It was an exact copy of the dog's dead, of course.

The most expensive animals in the world

Of course, this is a private matter of each person - to clone a pet after the death or come to terms with the loss. However, the story became known to the media and, paradoxically, has caused outrage among animal rights activists. These people are angry over cloning due to the fact that there are too many discarded dogs waiting for their new owners in shelters. According to animal rights groups, should take a new pet or help one of the shelters, rather than spent on the reconstruction of the deceased.

It is surprising in this story and some selfish spouse Otto. Their dog died of cancer, and did not die in an accident or due to old age. This means that Sir Lancelot Encore is doomed to die from cancer.

The white lion cubs "by the piece and inexpensively," The kings of the beasts for $ 138,000

White Lion - a very rare animal. According to estimates zoologists scientists in the wild these animals about three hundred. They live in Africa, Timbavati Game region. However, the last time the white lion seen there in 1994. This gives rise to the assumption that the animals can be attributed to "conditionally extinct" species.

The most expensive animals in the world

These animals feel fine in captivity. They are in many circuses and zoos. Buy cub possible for a modest 138 thousand dollars. However, not every country will be legal content of the pet.

The Palm Parrot: cockatoo for $ 16 000

The cost of a parrot? Russians are accustomed to seeing a very modest price tags on cells with budgies, slightly higher - at the open-air cages with lovebirds. Tropical owl cost the same or blue macaw many already shocking. However, these birds will never compare in price with the palm cockatoo.

The most expensive animals in the world

Black and ashy parrot with red cheeks and defiantly sticking tufted will cost 16 000 dollars. Palm cockatoo - Australian bird. Unlike their African counterparts, they can not boast of a simple and agreeable disposition, although it is very sociable and smart.

eared monkey and capuchin: Friends for 10 000 $

Swamp monkey, also known as de Brazza, as a pet has appeared in European homes in the XIX century. The most popular of these charming establishment used in France. PLANT them and the British. While in Britain in the ground and held in the XIX century Indian monkeys resist the allure of the pet from the French colonies could not all the English aristocracy and the wealthy.

The most expensive animals in the world

Swamp Monkey - real companions. They are good-natured, playful, have a soft and even gentle character and amazing looks. Their only drawback - in captivity, they live long.

The first Capuchin monkeys were brought to Europe from South America still conquistadors. This is a very funny and moving, curious creatures. Having in-house such a monkey, you do not need to leave the table candy or cookies. Capuchin sure to find a way to steal them and eat where he can not hurt anyone.

The most expensive animals in the world

The average price of monkeys is 10 000 dollars. Of course, we are talking about the usual for Europeans kinds that are sold legally and have all the necessary documents.

Exotic Cats: Savannah 20 000 $ and Bengali for 41 435 $

Those who gets madly fashionable today meykunov in Russia is likely to be very surprised to learn that these animals are not only the most exotic and status, but not even particularly expensive.

The highest price was paid in the world in 1998 in England. Cat named Cato was sold for 41,435 dollars. She became the mistress of Miss Cindy Jackson. Without a doubt, Cato - a real beauty, even in comparison with other Bengali. The average price for a kitten of this breed ranges from $ 500 to $ 5000.

Savannah - a cat is the most exotic. This new breed, which was recognized by TICA only in 2001. The basis of selection - the African serval, which were crossed with normal domestic cats.

The most expensive animals in the world

The result speaks for itself. Cats magnificent savanna today simply does not exist. When unusual appearance reminiscent not only Leopard or lynx, but also all other wild cats of the world, Savannah is very affectionate and have a calm, gentle nature.

stag beetle: a favorite in the terrarium for $ 89 000

You would have got yourself a beetle? Tastes differ. And many people, oddly enough, prefer as a pet was beetles. They are the work of breeders, they are bred and sold very successfully.

The most expensive animals in the world

The most expensive of these pets is by far the 2-inch stag beetle. The average cost of such a favorite at auction reaches 89 thousand dollars.

Horse for $ 16 million

Surprisingly, a considerable sum paid not for the Arabian horse from the stables of a sheikh or sultan. Palm in the cost issue for many years in a row holds the American Quarter Horse named Green Monkey.

This beautiful in every sense of the animal was not in July 2018. But death does not prevent him to be "№1", and not only with the price position. Green Monkey ran for two hundred meters 9, 8 seconds. No horse could not come close to this record neither in the past nor in the present.

However, in the United States is growing foal of Forestry named. Its owners do not hide their hopes that he will be able to repeat the record of the Green Monkey. After all, Forestry - his son. Therefore, it is possible most expensive animals in the near future will be headed by a different American horse.