Highland villages of the world, frozen in time (part 2)

To inspire you for the future journey, we explore the opportunities for tourism in these places, to examine the conditions of living and try to collect the little-known history of these mountain villages, frozen in time ...

Kibber, India

Highland villages of the world, frozen in time (part 2)

The village, which lies high up in the valley of Spiti in the Himalayas at an altitude of 4270 meters above sea level, there is only one TV. It is so far removed from civilization, that since 1992 there is a wildlife reserve, where researchers found up to 30 snow leopards. In the village there is a monastery, high school and post office, and residents fed by selling their horses. Fortunately, there is a traditional trade route.

In winter, the town is buried in the snow, but when in the warmer months, opens a trade route Purang La, Kibber becomes the most high mountain village in the world where tourists can get. In addition, virtually only here you can still see the snow leopard in the wild.

Flash, England

Highland villages of the world, frozen in time (part 2)

In the area of ​​the Peak District in Staffordshire, there is a village called Flash. Those who have been there, certainly would agree that it's a great name. Although from a purely technical point of view, it is not that at all in the clouds, now it is the most mountainous village in the United Kingdom. In appearance it is a charming village in the style of an old English village, but the village was not always as innocent as it looks today ...

Isolated and remote from the authorities, Flash had a reputation as a haven for criminals. Notorious counterfeiting and cockfighting, unreliable villagers engaged in the illicit trade on the nearby bridge ThreeShiresHead, where there are Cheshire, Derbyshire and Staffordshire. Pools almost three-meter depth, located next to the bridge is Perfect place for swimming, of course, if you do not mind the cold water.

In the village there is no more school (it had learned only four people), but it has a shop, bar and brewery. Surrounding area conjures up thoughts of romantic melodrama "The Princess Bride".

You can stay close to Buxton in the shepherd's hut (the English version of gypsy caravans, Vardo) or relax in the countryside, stay on the farm. Here you can ride on an old toy train, and the famous castle of Chatsworth House is only 25 kilometers.

Saint-Veran, France

Highland villages of the world, frozen in time (part 2)

The village, located in the French Alps, is considered one of the most beautiful in the country, and this status formalized. The fact that in France there is a special list of villages that are included in it on the basis of their appearance - something like a beauty contest among the villages. Village-laureates are regularly evaluated according to certain criteria, to retain his title. In addition, it is the most mountainous commune of France, and the third highest village in Europe, after the Italian and Swiss Yufa beater.

The population of this sleepy village of only 300 people, but in the interest of full disclosure, reported that in the peak season, there is observed a notable influx of tourists, thanks to the aforementioned title of "most beautiful village", and therefore of Saint-Veran can look much less sleepy and dull than in these photos. Of particular interest to us is the nearby observatory built ObservatoiredeParis, which offers nightly observations of the stars at an altitude of 900 meters above sea level. It is open to the public throughout the season, and anyone can pre-order "opening night" for yourself and loved ones. By the way, there are two small hotels and three mini-hotel type bed & breakfast.

Sainte-Catherine, Egypt

Highland villages of the world, frozen in time (part 2)

How many of you knew that in Egypt there is snow? Who knew that in the most mountainous village of the country is the oldest library in the world? Who knew that the "burning bush", which is believed to be Moses saw still growing out of the ground. St. Catherine lies at the foot of Mount Sinai, called "Egypt's roof", where there are the highest peaks of the country. In the center of town is the orthodox monastery, built by the emperor of Byzantium in 565godu AD. Historical and religious texts mention the Prophet Muhammad as a monastery counsel, and to this day St Catherine is a place where people live in respect to the three major Abrahamic religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism, even though the lack of oxygen at an altitude of 1600 meters above sea level .

Sainte-Catherine is also home to the local Bedouin tribe, known as the "Jabal", or "mountain people" - the descendants of Roman soldiers who for centuries were built in these mountains, gardens, houses, water systems and other facilities. The village is sometimes called the secret garden Bedouin because here you can see a variety of plant species: almonds, apples, pears, apricots, peaches, figs and grapes. Flowers and herbs grow here in extraordinary abundance. The monastery is a World Heritage Site and one of the oldest Christian monasteries in the world. It also contains the world's oldest continuously existing library has the second largest collection of early manuscripts and manuscripts after the Vatican. It is in this region are believed Moses received the Ten Commandments, and the monastery is built around the "burning bush", which blossoms a few meters from the chapel where it was implanted, to build an altar to the ancient roots. Pretty cool, is not it? Yes, one more thing: until the 12th century here was access only through a door located high up in the outer wall. Presumably, the building caught with the help of ladders.

Very good impression leaves the appearance TheBedouinMoonHotel hotel on the beach, but right under the monastery is also a small hotel. Hikers, climbers prefer the winter season, from December to February, when the region is covered with a light layer of snow magic.