Hidden signs of depression

Mental health problems can manifest themselves in very different ways. Often people simply do not pay attention to the lingering "bad mood", and then bring it back to a normal life becomes very difficult. Here's what you need to pay attention, if you show that you or a loved one may be undiagnosed depression.

Hidden signs of depression

1. What is before you is not hurt, and now make you cry

Frequent urge to cry - one of the biggest signs of depression, but if you generally sensitive, you should pay attention to the cause, to make you cry. If nothing has changed, then it probably is not an alarming symptom. But if you're used to watching any movies safely, and now lesh tears on every second or bitterly mourn almost unfamiliar neighbor's dog - everything can be much more serious.

2. You become more irritable

Depression does not always make a person sad. Sometimes people in this state are irritated literally everything and everyone around, including that used to leave them indifferent.

3. You are not interested in anything

In some people, depression is manifested including reduced emotional response to an event: what used to make you happy or irritable, no longer cause any reaction.

4. Efforts chronic pain

Were more likely to have a headache, migraines last longer and cause more suffering. Also, the well-being more strongly influenced by the previously diagnosed disease like fibromyalgia.

5. you miss deadlines

Depression can cause problems with memory and slow down the reaction. If you've noticed that the productivity has decreased, it is necessary to see a specialist.

6. You harder to focus

The ability to focus on the task also reduced due to the depression, you're constantly distracted and blamed herself for procrastination.

7. The old interests more than you are not attracted to

You used to go three times a week at the gym or yoga, but now there was no more than a month. Or have you stopped to watch your favorite TV series, meet friends ... Experts call this state of anhedonia - "the lack of a diagnosis of joy", the inability to obtain a positive return from what used to be nice.

8. Difficulties in decision making

Either way, they happen at all. But if it develops into the inability to carry out active operations, when needed, may be to blame for depression.

9. The reluctance to communicate with people

Loss of interest in other people and the pursuit of isolation will not make a person happier in depression. Pay attention to when the last time you talked to your friends. If it seems like a long time, it is worth thinking about the causes. If you suspect depression in a loved one, do not turn your back and stretch out a helping hand. The worst of it will not be exact.