"Home Alone" - something we did not know about your favorite film

• "Home Alone" - something we did not know about his favorite film

If you love this good a comedy as well as we do, you will be wondering what is the moment that you might not have noticed. But do not think we are far from being able to search for mistakes - rather, we just found another reason to revise the "Home Alone"! What movie do you remember Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) parents have forgotten at home, having left for the Christmas holidays, and the boy came into the fight with two bandits losers, defending their home against their attacks.

The official logo of the film, Kevin screaming pressing hands to her face, was based on a painting of Edvard Munch's "The Scream."

The film was in the Guinness Book of Records as the comedy grossed $ 533, 000, 000.

Periodically Joe Pesci forgot that they shoot family movies and shouted obscene language as a word "Fuck" and its derivatives. Then the director Chris Columbus advised him to utter the word "Fridge".

It has been 26 years since the film came out, and recently one of comedy fans noticed something interesting.

Remember the scene where the family packs before the trip? Pizza deliveryman brings order to the McCallister house. Then the house comes gangster Harry Lime (Joe Pesci), disguised as a police officer and trying to find out how to bypass the security system, then to rob the house during the absence of hosts.

Scene - Broken vanity, on the eve of a trip to the house reigns turmoil, the whole family is eating, and going to clean up the house. During all this confusion, we might accidentally miss something very important.

Revisit the scene, after which Kevin was sent to the attic.

Notice? That's right: Kevin's father threw his ticket! Wiping the table overturned Pepsi father accidentally brushed a ticket son with wet wipes. So that's why they did not notice the absence of Kevin when landing at the airport!

Yes, Kevin's father simply threw the ticket Kevin, but many of us have lost sight of, and did not notice the frame. If he had not made this mistake, at the airport, checking tickets on the number of children who have missed much earlier Kevin, and then - any adventure he would not have happened.