8 countries where KFC meals are completely different

8 countries where KFC meals are completely different

Kentucky Fried Chicken has come a long way from its humble restaurant at a gas station in Corbin, Kentucky, to one of the largest fast food franchises in the world, 18,000 branches in 115 countries. KFC company has learned to adapt to each new market in any country and develop in unexpected directions. Here are a few countries where KFC is prepared very differently.

8 countries where KFC meals are completely different


KFC in Japan prefers the dark meat over white meat and rice balls served.

On the other hand, KFC in Japan sometimes relies on a baseline approach. They introduced such dishes as, smoked apple chicken thighs, chicken terrine (pate) and ballotine (stuffed chicken with apricots, plums, cranberries, orange and white wine). So they opened only at KFC world of high-end whiskey bar.

One of the most striking things of the Japanese KFC, its popularity is on Christmas Day. According to legend, advertising director, was inspired by a group of foreigners who could not find a turkey for Christmas dinner, and opted instead to order chicken. Today at KFC, New Year's meal of chicken, cake, and champagne is so popular, you need to book a table in advance for several weeks.

8 countries where KFC meals are completely different


Initially, KFC is not a very well run into the Chinese market, because when the name of the restaurant has been translated into Chinese characters, it came to mean "eat your fingers." As it is not very much to go hunting in a not very nutritious institution. Over time, the company has rallied and began to rapidly expand, abandoning the US market model and cheap menu. KFC restaurants in China are much more areas to accommodate large families and groups. The menu consists of dishes of rice, soy milk drinks, egg pies, and fried sticks of dough. Western unpopular dishes such as coleslaw and mashed potatoes, replaced by a more delicious dishes for the Chinese, such as a salad of grated carrot, mushrooms and bamboo shoots.

The KFC is not worried about the price competition from street vendors and cheap local restaurants. Instead, they are positioning themselves as an option for the middle class, young professionals and a rare treat for the family. With an emphasis on high standards of service and the organization of activities for children.

8 countries where KFC meals are completely different


The first attempt to enter the Indian market started in the 1990s, but failed, a new strategy was launched in 2004. But only in 2012, when there was a lot of vegetarian dishes on the menu, the success has been achieved. In the Indian KFC restaurant, dominated by dishes such as Singer vegetables, potatoes Krisper burger and hot vegetable snacks. After all, up to 42 per cent of Indian families were vegetarians.

In 2016, the company decided to promote chicken dishes, but at the same time not giving up vegetarianism.

Once in the Indian state of Karnataka, a law was passed against the plastic disposable instruments, KFC branches in India began trying to produce edible plates.

8 countries where KFC meals are completely different


Russian menu at KFC Americans feel more bizarre, such as oatmeal for breakfast and beer in the drinks menu. Another unexpected element is rice teriyaki with Japanese wooden chopsticks. Just chicken patties and rolls with pickled ginger slices commonly used as a powerful agent for sushi topically. KFC in Russia is striking approach to digital marketing and viral media. In 2011, they gave 100,000 free sandwiches to those who joined the official page Vkontakte KFC. In 2014, they hired a creative agency to create a viral video in which a student throws a chicken in his teacher, the teacher gets annoyed and walks over to him and overturns a bucket on his head student. As a result, this video does not become too popular and did not attract enough buyers, because the majority of young people do not watch TV and do not pay attention to advertising.

8 countries where KFC meals are completely different


While KFC is dynamically developing in certain African countries, but they ran into some unexpected problems in Nigeria, where the import of chickens is prohibited, and the local may be substandard. The relative poverty of the majority of the population does further expansion difficult, although KFC managed to attract many visitors thanks to the free Wi-Fi and a cool air conditioner. They have adapted to local tastes, including vegetarian and spicy dishes.

In 2014, they were in Nigeria launched advertising on Facebook and Twitter to promote Big Boss burger, a short-lived attempt to sell fried chicken, this version of McDonald's Big Mac in Nigeria had failed.

8 countries where KFC meals are completely different


In the Philippines, KFC is struggling with a strong opponent, the local restaurant Jollibee, where many served fried chicken and burgers, spaghetti, local Filipino dishes Lumpia (pancakes stuffed with meat and eggs) and bangus (milkfish). Against such a formidable foe, KFC chose the strategy of culinary creativity. Philippine KFC, has developed a range of new dishes. In 2015, they did share a double hot dog filled with lots of white cheese and more, "Gingerbread Man" fried pies with chicken. They also introduced a dish called Chizza, a large piece of chicken, covered with pizza sauce, cheese, green pepper and pineapple.

Another item on the KFC menu, in the Philippines, which surprised foreigners, was a sweet bun, sprinkle with grated cheese, and not inside it.

8 countries where KFC meals are completely different


In 2009, KFC in Israel, hoping to attract more people adhere to religious Jewish dietary traditions. Chicken from KFC is covered with powdered milk, while respecting the rules of mixing milk with meat. They also develop milk-flavored soy powder, which is used as a kosher meal replacement. Despite these efforts, KFC Israel ceased to exist in 2013, but fans of this franchise is still hope that they will return.

KFC had much greater success in the Palestinian territory. In the 1990s, the attempts of the Palestinian Authority, failed to attract the American franchise. Then, Israeli owners of KFC demanded by the Palestinians to apply through Israel. However, a Palestinian entrepreneur Adib Bakri still persuaded Americans and opened his first restaurant in Ramallah with high demand. KFC in Palestine now has six branches.

8 countries where KFC meals are completely different

, South Korea

KFC has faced fierce competition in South Korea, their own industry has a very well-developed restaurant business. In 2013, they doubled Maxx, over bacon and cheese between two buns. And in 2014 they presented the Double Down King: bacon, barbecue sauce, white pepper and a pie with beef between two spicy chicken fillet. The Korean KFC, also adopted a number of measures to improve the menu. This fried ice cream, green onions with eggs, fried bread balls stuffed with mozzarella cheese and squid ink. Most recently, the KFC organized popular South Korean combination of fried chicken and beer.