Top 5 Autumn Concert foreigners in Russia

The onset of autumn is rich in touring foreigners traveling to us because of space fees (which in times of crisis offer them, alas, can not), but for the loyal fans. These musicians are not turned away any laws against homosexuality, nor Russian conflict with Ukraine, or other political conflicts: "Politics - politics, and the fans do not have to suffer." Meet this autumn in the photo gallery Forbes drayvovy duo Twenty One Pilots, romance heartthrob Garou and glam-rockers Placebo.

Twenty One Pilots (USA)

Top 5 Autumn Concert foreigners in Russia

Sokol Music Hall, Moscow

22 of October

Ice Palace, St. Petersburg

October 23

American indie-pop duo Twenty One Pilots continues its Emotional Roadshow World Tour. World tour to promote the album "Blurryface" started in the US in May this year, in March, the group gets to New Zealand and will finish in Australia, in April 2017. In Russia, where a group of hundreds of thousands of fans and musicians will give two concerts - in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Name Twenty One Pilots (which in any case can not be written in figures) came up with an aspiring musician Tyler Joseph in 2007. He read the play of Arthur Miller's "All My Sons", where during World War II because of the actions of an unscrupulous contractor who placed faulty parts for airplanes, killed twenty-one pilot. Although the name of the group already, and even in 2009 they released their first disc Twenty One Pilots, but with Tyler went wrong team, while his friend Josh Dunne did not want to join the team. And already in 2011 Twenty One Pilots emerged in its current form. I must say that the guys plowed like hell that is used to group all their promo Ohio native. In 2014 they embarked on their first world tour. Their popularity has grown so fast that soon they were asked to record the soundtrack for the blockbuster this summer - "Suicide Squad" by David Ayer. There is nothing surprising, the team has a stunning, almost adolescent, power and complete lack of fear of experiments, they are easy to prevent hip-hop with electronic music, diluting breakbeat. By the way, the musicians, when they began to make a lot of money to spend do not prefer to cars and boats, and on the development of the group, support to relatives and friends, and charity.

Placebo (UK)

Top 5 Autumn Concert foreigners in Russia

St. Petersburg, "Ice Palace"

October 24th

Moscow sports complex "Olympic".

October 26th

British rock band is still fantastically popular in the spaces of our country, and here she had a lot more fans than in the UK. A dozen years ago, the band played their first concert in Moscow's Gorky Park and since then the singer and guitarist Brian Molko -part guest in Russia. Moreover, political conflicts, such as the prohibition of propaganda of homosexuality law, following the adoption by many well-known musical groups refused to Russian statements, Placebo's just as scary. Policy - Policy, Molko says, and fans should not suffer.

The first self-titled album "Placebo", the group consisting of Brian Molko, bassist Stefan Olsdal and drummer Steve Hewitt, released in 1996. And so, in honor of the twentieth anniversary of the debut album sinker, the group arranges tour "20 years of Placebo", which starts on October 13 in Denmark and will be held across Europe, including concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg. And Molko promises to add to the program of rare and forgotten songs, such as "Pure Morning" and "Nancy Boy", which sounded almost ten years. By the way, in 1998 the band wrote the song "Every You Every Me", which became one of the soundtrack to the movie "Cruel Intentions," is based on "Dangerous Liaisons" Choderlos de Laclos. You may remember her.

Poets of the Fall (Finland)

Top 5 Autumn Concert foreigners in Russia

26 October - Krasnoyarsk, October 28 - Novosibirsk, October 30 - Ekaterinburg

November 1 - Perm, Nov. 3 - Moscow, November 5 - Nizhny Novgorod, November 6 - Yaroslavl

8 November - Krasnodar on November 9 - Rostov-on-Don, Nov. 11 - St. Petersburg.

The popular Finnish rock band playing at the junction of post-grunge and soft rock, again touring Russian cities from Krasnoyarsk to Rostov and St. Petersburg. This will take place within the framework of the European tour in support of new album "Clearview". The seventh release of the band, consisting of a dozen tracks, came out very romantic and powerful. "Clearview" released September 30, and the first single "Drama for Life" was released on 5 August.

By the way, for this disc, on which work lasted two years, the group first attracted by the producer. The musicians of Poets of the Fall - Marko Saaresto, Olli Tukiainen Marcus Kaarlonen, Jani Snellman, Jaska Mäkinen and Jari Salmin knowingly call themselves poets, their lyrics are clever, lyrical and emotional, and do hot Finnish guys claim that a lot of reading. Emerged in 2003, the team made famous by "Late Goodbye", a song to the popular computer game Max Payne, which is based on the dashing detective stories.

The festival "Jazz autumn"

Top 5 Autumn Concert foreigners in Russia

The cultural center "Dom", Moscow

13 October, 6 November, 25 November and 1 December.

The festival "Jazz in the autumn", which is the cultural center "House" organizes the Goethe-Institut and Cyril Polonsky, will be held this year for the sixth time. The theme and slogan will be "improvisation", and it means - the maximum freedom in the music, unique technology and innovative ways of execution and no prohibitions. The festival will open the performance of dynamic musicians Konk Pack Trio, which played together for almost 20 years. During this time they have released five CDs and toured Europe and America. "The real apotheosis of the festival should be a concert of free jazz legend Peter Brotsmana. In honor of the 75th anniversary of the musician will perform in Moscow in two different forms: in the first part of the concert - a duet with American Heather Lee, playing the pedal steel guitar, and in the second part, as a trio, with bassist John Edwards and drummer Steve Noble , "- he explained Astrid Vega, director of the Goethe-Institut cultural program in Moscow. And close the festival recital Japanese guitarist improviser Kazuhisa Uchihashi, which will play on a curious musical percussion instrument - daksofone. If you believe the experience of previous years, the festival promises to be unusual and fun.

Garou (Canada)

Top 5 Autumn Concert foreigners in Russia

DS "Olympus", Krasnodar - 8 October, "Crocus City Hall", Moscow -10 October

Concert Hall "October", St. Petersburg - October 11

Blue-eyed, almost two-meter Canadian singer Pierre Garan captured the hearts of women all over the world, playing the hunchback Quasimodo in the musical "Notre Dame de Paris" and the song "Belle" c his participation densely occupied the first lines of music charts for almost five months. A former punk nicknamed Garou literally woke up famous. Offers poured in from all sides: the singer has recorded duets with Bryan Adams and Celine Dion (and debut release Garou "Seul", on which he worked with musicians Dion sold around the world sold more than 4 million copies.), Sung at the opening of the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver in 2010, in 2012 he became a permanent member of the French version of the TV show "The Voice". But most importantly, handsome man with soulful soulful voice has managed to fall in love with the female half of the world's population. This fall, Garou has planned a new tour "Fly me to the Moon", which is named after the famous hit by Frank Sinatra. As the name implies, in the concert will feature the American pop hits mid-twentieth century, music rhythm and blues, and French chanson, as well as the singer's own compositions.

Russian tour charming Canadian start in Krasnodar, then Garou will perform in Moscow and St. Petersburg, and then to turn the Ukrainian city, Minsk, Kishinev, Baku, and will end the tour as early as 2017 in Canada.