Rules of Life Isabelle Huppert

• Rules of Life Isabelle Huppert

Rules of Life Isabelle Huppert

I believe in the future, as long as it is.

You do not become an actress, you are born actress.

My mother was Catholic, his father - a Jew, and they did not want anything to do with it and did not want to talk about it.

My daughter's name is Lolita. No, not in honor of the book and not in honor of the film. Lolita - it's just a woman's name.

When I was 16, I realized that I was tired of school. I went outside and walked towards the studio. He knocked on the door and asked if they needed extras, and they took me. Yes, I just knocked on the door.

I never think in terms of the present, past and future. I feel the same as it was when I started. Roles that I have played, I can play again, and the roles that I play now, I could play and then. I do not feel that somehow changed significantly in terms of talent. And indeed I would not really changed in that time.

Become an actress - a way to survive the madness of themselves.

Each day I play the role itself. Even now, when I give this interview. So do not ask me too meticulous. I'm just a woman who gives interviews. Remember Greta Garbo (American silent film star, a big part of his life in seclusion, not talking to reporters -. Esquire). She did not know who she was. All my characters seem to me quite strange.

I like to take on complex characters and make them as normal as possible, because we all know the tragic and abnormal always hidden behind something quite ordinary.

The dramaturgy of the last hundred years has become much less predictable. Once you have had a bad character and good. Now you have the opportunity to mix them in one.

We absolutely do not want to think about what monsters we fear, creates a society that consists of us, and not from someone else.

Most people choose from the fact that it offers life, not thinking about how to go in and ask for something else.

You can always find a reason to be unhappy.

Freedom in the World as unclaimed because most people are not free until the last drop of blood to defend the right to call themselves free.

I remember that when I went out, "Turkish sweets" (one of the first films of Paul Verhoeven filmed in 1973 -. Esquire), the film was seen as polupornografichesky and only publication that gave a positive response, was "Charly Hebdo". They wrote that the film - a masterpiece, and its director will be famous. I like to work with unknown directors. It's like a bet, and I rarely lose when betting on something. All the directors, in the debut film of which I've done for the last 7-8 years, became famous. I have a good intuition.

Cinema is very similar to a drug. It allows you to escape from everyday life.

If you have enough reality to you exactly what is wrong. I do not understand how you can live without music, movie or theater.

Cinema for me - it is an easy walk while on vacation, and the theater - like mountain climbing. You never know, you pick you at the next step and get to the top.

No film can not replicate life.

There are thousands of ways to be funny on the screen and so few ways to be tragic.

this event - even the movement of a century on the close-up.