"After Pushkin": how was the fate of Natalia Goncharova after the poet's death

• "After Pushkin": the fate of Natalia Goncharova developed after the death of the poet

August 27 (September 8th) in 1812 was born a woman, played a fatal role in the life of Alexander Pushkin, - Natalia Goncharova. Her personality and his contemporaries, and in modern times has always been extremely controversial: it was called, and the evil genius, destroy the great poet, and the slandered victim.

We publish an excellent online magazine article "Cultural Studies" about the life of Pushkin's wife after his death.

On Goncharova is usually judged by the 6 years that she spent in marriage with Pushkin, but the next 27 years of her life allow to make a much more complete and accurate idea of ​​what was in fact one of the greatest beauties of the Upper Light beginning of the XIX century.

Alexander asked her before his death: "Go to the village. Wear mourning for me for two years and then get married, but only for a decent man. " She complied with his request, but not married two years later, and after seven years. In 25 years, Natalya Pushkin was a widow with 4 children. Many believed her guilty of the poet's death and called frivolous and empty secular beauty.

On the left - AP Bryullov. Portrait of NN Pushkina, 1831-1832. Right - B. Gau. NN Pushkin Lanskaya 1849

The Cathedral of Christ the Savior in the manor Goncharov. Linen Factory 1900 Two weeks after the death of Pushkin Natalia with children went to his brother Dmitri, in their family estate Linen Factory. There she led a reclusive life, and almost anyone but relatives did not accept. Of course, after the capital's splendor, the grand balls and receptions that life seemed like a boring and monotonous, but bring inner balance: "Sometimes this longing seizes me, I feel the need for prayer - she confessed. - These minutes of concentration in front of the icon, in a secluded corner of the house, bring me relief. Then I again take to the peace of mind that had often mistaken for coldness and me it accused ".

B. Gau. Left - NN Pushkin, 1842. Right - Portrait of Natalia Nikolaevna Pushkina 1841

To her repeatedly wooed wealthy and titled suitors, but they were refused: none of them was prepared to take her four children. She offered to arrange them in prestigious educational institutions away from home, but she replied: "To a burden to my children, that I am not her husband." After 2 years, Natalya Pushkin again arrives in St. Petersburg, but in the light and there is rarely involved in the upbringing of children.

On the left - Portrait of NN Pushkina-Lanskoy. Attributed to the artist I. Makarov (formerly attributed to T. Neff), approx. 1849 Right - KP Mather. NN Pushkin in widow's dress 1839

B. Gau. Left - NN Pushkin Lanskaya. Watercolor, 1849. Right - P. Lansky 1847

Natalia married 7 years after Pushkin's death in 1844, her choice became poor, but genuinely fond of her, Peter Lansky - Lieutenant General, a colleague of her brother. At that time she was 32, he - 45. The wedding ceremony was a quiet and humble on the wedding invite only close relatives. Her children he adopted as his own. In this marriage were born three more daughters. In addition to his seven, Natalia nursed another 4 children of relatives. "My mission - to be the headmistress of the orphanage - she wrote Lansky. - God sends me children from all sides ... ".

IK Makarov Natalia Lanskaya 1849

On the left - IK Makarov Portrait of Natalia Nikolaevna Lansky (Pushkin), 1863. On the right - K. Lash. Portrait of NN Pushkina-Lanskoy. 1856

In his later years Natalia was often ill. It ceased to go out and often go abroad for treatment. She died on the 52-year life of pneumonia. Peter Lansky surviving spouse for 14 years.