The best quotes and aphorisms Faina Ranevskaya

• The best quotes and aphorisms Faina Ranevskaya

August 27, 1896 in a Jewish family was born in Taganrog Faechka Feldman, which will be then one of the greatest actresses of the Soviet and the "queen of the second plan" Faina Ranevskaya.

Despite the fact that she appeared on the screen in small, often episodic roles, the audience immediately drew attention to it, they deserved appreciate the natural talent of the actress. For many years it remained a favorite of the public, and its high-capacity, smart and often sarcastic phrases have become popular expressions, lost forever in the "folklore". I said many years ago, these words are still relevant and labels, and so nice to reread again and again.

The best quotes and aphorisms Faina Ranevskaya The best quotes and aphorisms Faina Ranevskaya

The second half is at the brain, asshole and pills. I was originally a whole.

Beautiful people, too shit.

Think and talk about me that wish. Where have you seen a cat that would be interested in what it is referred to the mouse?

If the patient really wants to live, doctors are powerless.

The best quotes and aphorisms Faina Ranevskaya

It is better to be a good person, "cursed" than a quiet, mannered creature.

Women, of course, smarter. Have you ever heard of a woman who'd lost her head just by the fact that men are beautiful legs?

Eat alone as unnatural as to shit together!

Ranevskaya asked if she knew the reasons for the divorce familiar pair. Faina said:

- They had different tastes: she liked men, and it is - women.

The best quotes and aphorisms Faina Ranevskaya

All pleasant in this world or harmful, or immoral, or leads to obesity.

Even for the most beautiful peacock tail hides the most common chicken ass. So less pathos, gentlemen. When Grasshopper legs hurt, she jumps sitting.

Found such a love, it is better to replace it immediately shot.

The best quotes and aphorisms Faina Ranevskaya

obviously my wealth, in that it does not need me.

Horseradish, placed on the opinions of others, provides a peaceful and happy life.

There are people in whom God lives; There are people in whom the devil lives; And there are people that live only worms.

This man - a man, who remembers exactly female birthday and never knows how old she is. The man who never remembers the day a woman of birth, but he knows exactly how old she was - it was her husband.

The best quotes and aphorisms Faina Ranevskaya

If you're waiting for someone to take you, "such as you are," then you're just lazy Moodle. Because, as a rule, "such as it is" - a sad spectacle. Me, you beast. Work on yourself. Or die alone.

Today's youth is awful. But even worse is that we do not belong to it.

The worst thing - is when a person has does not belong to themselves, and their decay.

People themselves satisfied with the problem - no one forces them to choose a boring profession, get married on the wrong people or buy uncomfortable shoes.

The best quotes and aphorisms Faina Ranevskaya

- Why are women so much time and money paid to their appearance, rather than the development of intelligence?

- Because of the blind men are much less than smart.

When I start to write his memoirs, then the phrase: "I was born into a family of poor oilman ..." - I have nothing.

Woman to succeed in life, should have two qualities. She should be smart enough to like foolish men, and stupid enough to please men clever

I was amused by the excitement of people for nothing, she was a fool. Now before the finish understand clearly that everything is empty. Only need kindness and compassion.

The best quotes and aphorisms Faina Ranevskaya

- Faina, how are you doing?

- You know, my dear, what a shit? So it compared to my life - the marmalade.

When Faina asked what, in her opinion, women tend to be more fidelity - blondes or brunettes, she did not hesitate to answer: "Gray!"

I had the good sense to live life is stupid.

Among all kozyavok very difficult to achieve the level of genius.

The best quotes and aphorisms Faina Ranevskaya

Life is too short to spend it on a diet, greedy men and a bad mood.

Many people complain about their appearance, and no one - on the brain.

Union silly men and silly women creates a mother-heroine. Union women are stupid and clever man creates a single mother. Union is a clever woman and a foolish man creates a normal family. smart man and a smart woman Union creates a flirtation.

What the world around us? How many lunatics around ... But how much fun with them!

The best quotes and aphorisms Faina Ranevskaya

Women - this is not the weaker sex, the weaker sex - it's rotten boards.

Family replaces all. So, before you start it, you should consider that you is more important: family or everything.

I do not recognize the word "play." You can play cards, at the races, checkers. On stage, we have to live.

The best quotes and aphorisms Faina Ranevskaya

Why are all these women are fools?

I realized what my misfortune: rather a poet, philosopher, homegrown, "household" fool - do not get on with life! Prevent money and when they do not, and when they are there. I buy things to give them. Clothes I wear the old, always unsuccessful. I'm a freak.