Most secret divisions of the US Army in World History

The secrecy of the war at a premium, so the command sometimes it is so important to keep their best assets in secret from the public and at the same time by the enemy. US Army representatives at one time or another recognize the existence of entities that appear in this list, but many of their missions were classified for decades. When it comes to units, which is still in effect, the public can be satisfied with nothing speaking scraps of information.

Most secret divisions of the US Army in World History Most secret divisions of the US Army in World History

Group Special Task Force 88 (Task Force Black)

According to different sources, this is a different names for the same group, or talking about the different groups operating or no longer exists. Either way, this name is mentioned in the reports of the group which carried out anti-terrorist operations in Iraq and Afghanistan during the US military intervention. In many sources of this unit is described as a joint US-British team consisting of the best fighters of US "sea lions," the group "Delta" and British special forces SAS. Special Forces were involved in the scandal, when there were rumors that it has crossed the border to raid Syria. There is also a view that this group back in the ranks for the destruction of LIH (terrorist organization banned in Russia). If she ever stopped acting.

Most secret divisions of the US Army in World History

Test battalion 6493 (Test Group 6594)

These units are the US Air Force existed from 1958 to 1986, and their task was to catch "falling stars." They flew from the airport in Hawaii and catch containers with the films from the first American spy satellites. These satellites are included in the program of "Korona", flying around the Earth and photographed the Soviet Union. Then they dumped cans of negatives over the Pacific Ocean, where that unit members were to catch them. The technology was surprisingly primitive. The aircraft with a large hook on the tail had to cling to the parachute container with the film, which flew through the atmosphere to the ground. If the aircraft has not been able to catch the container or the weather was too bad to try to do this, Coast Guard rescuers, who served in that unit, fished out of the water film. The battalion was able to catch more than 40,000 containers in 27 years. When its composition was not engaged in catching intelligence pilots supported rescue mission in Hawaii area. They managed to save 60 people.

Most secret divisions of the US Army in World History

US detachment of ground troops "Delta"

Like the other units in the list, "Delta" for the past few years several times changed its name. To form an elite counterterrorism unit repeatedly offered back in 1970, and it is believed that the group "Delta" was created in late 1977. The history of this unit began with the resounding failure of "Operation Eagle Claw" by rescuing hostages from the US Embassy in Tehran in 1980. Since then, the "Delta" successfully fought in various operations, including the invasion of Panama, the Gulf war and the hunt for Osama bin Laden in the mountains of Tora Bora. Since the unit operates to this day, a large part of his mission is classified.

Most secret divisions of the US Army in World History

"Navy SEALs" - SEAL Team 6 (DEVGRU)

SEAL is an acronym "SEa, Air and Land" ( "sea, air and land") and coincides with the word spelling "seal" - "seal". This division specializes in anti-terror, special reconnaissance, rescue hostages and personal safety. Since the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York September 9, 2001 budget and responsibilities "sea lions" greatly enhanced. Now in this special unit of 1,800 people, including several women, who perform intelligence functions. "Navy SEALs" work since 1981. Their most well-known operations - the elimination of Osama bin Laden and the rescue of Captain Phillips from Somali pirates.

Most secret divisions of the US Army in World History

Army Unit 7781 (39th operational unit of special forces)

This division of "green berets" worked in Berlin from 1956 to 1984 and its history several times changed its name. His task was to ensure the safety of West Berlin from the Communist provocations and to be ready to resist in case of capture of the city. Unit members had classical training and intelligence gadgets were equipped with no less than James Bond, for example Firearms in the lighter.

Most secret divisions of the US Army in World History

(Office of strategic services, OSS) Office of Strategic Services

Office of Strategic Services was formed in 1942 with the huge task of collecting and analyzing strategic information and carrying out "special operations not assigned to other agencies." Since few people from the secret services were the agents who conducted the raid during the Second World War, it gave the bureau a lot of room for maneuver. Under the leadership of Colonel William Donovan, nicknamed Wild Bill tiny agency conducted a special operation, trade in arms and was carrying spies, supported resistance groups on the territory of Nazi Germany and to gather intelligence. It is even applied the first in US history versatile units operating at sea, in the air and on land.