Stories of lost hiker

Hunger and thirst, panic and loneliness - it still felt by those who lost in the woods or in the mountains? Impressive stories lost hiker

Mushroom Story

Stories of lost hiker

The most common case: go for mushrooms, got carried away and lost. "We went with my wife and friends for milk mushrooms in the forest. They collected a little, sat on the nature, we took to the ears and continued to collect mushrooms. He was pyanovat and dare I flew into the depths, and suddenly the feedback is gone. Oh yes, there is no telephone service at all. I climbed a tall tree, he tried to catch a connection, but the result is deplorable. I can not describe the panic fear, but it is very scary, seriously. He made a fire, climbed a tree to spend the night sitting on a branch. I think, well, that's all, life ends. By morning, the mood has risen, thought the rescuers are now found. But that did not happen.

Then I saw a mushroom and remembered how I was told that it can have. And I thought, and I lose something? Maybe I will die here, so I ate it and dry your on fire. I started nauseated, there was trembling in the limbs, and I began to hear strange noises and see the colors that have never been seen before. Then I went to sleep, because it was impossible to go. The dream was strange, with the visions and sounds. I awakened by slapping man at dusk, a lifeguard, which was very, very happy. "

Three nights as one day

Stories of lost hiker

To get lost in the mountains, just a careless step. In the summer of 2015 in Adygea missing 12-year-old Nikita Korjagin. "When I went to collect firewood, he slipped and fell into a mountain stream. I get upstairs and could not go on the river - I thought I could go out to the river Belaya and its up to the camp. But soon I realized that I was lost, and then decided to go only on the bed, anywhere without displacing. Spent the night in the woods, drinking water from the river, "- said the teenager. Rescuers searched for Nikita to the darkness, but search returned no results. "Then we caused another group. Boy looking for 20 rescuers from Krasnodar, Tuapse and Krasnaya Polyana c and unmanned helicopters. And in the evening we found him at the confluence of the White River and Crystal Creek - accidentally, when they stopped to eat. One of the rescuers went down to the river and heard a child's voice: the boy said in his name, "- said the operations duty search and rescue team Andrei Kazaryan.

Nikita stayed two days in the mountains without matches, knife, food and dry clothing, and even frightened. "Children do not feel the time, so they are not afraid, - said the rescuers. - When we asked how many hours had passed, he replied: "Well, I walked the whole day." And in fact, he spent three nights alone in the woods! An adult would have been frightened, realizing that it can not find that it is possible to die of hunger, heat, thirst, predators. Children do not realize it. And so their mind is not suffering, they are easy to forget it. "

The snowdrift

Stories of lost hiker

Czech tourist Peacock Pizovoy had to wait for rescue in the mountains of New Zealand for a month. Together with his friend, she went on a scenic trail Rutbern in the mountainous region, which became famous after the filming of "The Lord of the Rings." "This month has been for me, my family and my friend's family is very painful, - said Peacock, when rescuers found her. - And in that day the weather was just awful: heavy snow and low clouds, it was impossible to go, I had to spend the night right on the trail.

We were trying to find shelter, but Ondrej slipped and fell down the slope. I slid behind him, but nothing could not help ... When my friend died, I spent two nights in the open air before come across a hut near the lake. Was waist-deep in the snow, a blizzard swept all marked trails and I had the most to pave the way. I am cold, tired legs and frostbite. Then he tried several times to leave the cabin, but could not - it was a lot of snow, and I had no strength to go on. I realized that it is better to stay in a safe place. We made a few mistakes: not informed about the campaign, did not bring locating beacons and were not prepared for winter weather in July - all this led to the tragedy. " Tourists began to search only after the Czech consul saw in the Facebook post relatives of the girl, had not received news from her. Therefore, Peacock found only at the end of August.

The miraculous rescue of

Stories of lost hiker

On the tour, lost in the Altai taiga, did not come to rescue, and the participants of the procession, which took place in these places. Daria Shvetsova, Viktor Grigoriev and Alexey Meyshtas went hitchhiking Belukha and got lost on the way from the village to Inegen Tungur. "Slowly we are walking through the taiga, collecting and eating wild strawberries. It so happened that a human trail, we passed on the bestial and lost, - he said. - The water was only at the bottom - in the Katun, where you want to go down the steep hill, and we went to bed hungry. At night we dreamed of water, wildly thirsty. Morning started down sloped 85-90 °. Alex went ahead, I followed him.

At this time, over our heads flew the stones falling from the top. Thirst interrupted instinct of self-preservation. " "It was the peak point in our journey. We were tired, it was hard, strength to finish "- Dasha said. "I think, we go mad. And suddenly we see very far from the face of Christ. First, we decide what imagined, and then see the column of people - shared Alexei. - This happiness I had never experienced! "

The meeting with the bear

Stories of lost hiker

17-year-old boy from the Omsk region has managed not only to get out of the taiga, but also get rid of the bear. Andrew Khakimov went with a friend to collect pine cones and wandered into the wilderness. "He began to cry - no one responds. I went and lost his way even more. I decided to stay in one place and wait: suddenly hear the cries one. And not a soul around, and the forest has no end! Two hours later, it was getting dark, I went to look for the night, "- said the teenager. Andrew found a small hunting lodge, where he spent the night, but did not go - afraid that since he was not found. Teen looking for about 100 people: police, rescue workers, volunteers, local residents. Cycled rescue helicopter. "I saw him waving his jacket, but he went further. It was the brightest moment of despair. I also remember very hungry. Only ate cranberries and lingonberries, which are located. I had drink swamp water. It stinks, but you want to live - that will not do. Worst of all was the third night. I hear footsteps behind him, turn - 6-7 m huge bear! I grabbed a stick with dismay and shouted so that the bear ran away. So shaken me that did not sleep "until the morning - Andrew recalls. Get out of the taiga, he could only on the fifth day: "I see power lines. I went to them and got on the road. It turned out intuitively came to the village where we lived before. It is 25 km from the place where I was lost. And then on the road just traveled friend from Ust-Ishim, who was returning from Omsk, and he took me home. "