Most awkward records

That's how the people - there are no limits to its capabilities. He beats sports records and personal bests set by moving the bar higher and higher. Among all kinds of records, there are those who would otherwise not be called as an absurdity. Judge for yourself:

The largest ball of rubber bands

Most awkward records

Bowl-record holder, has 7 meters in circumference and consisting of more than 700,000 rubber bands, was set Joel Ox of Loderhilla, Florida. Now the ball is an exhibit of the museum Wonderland Ripley master (Ripley's Believe It or Not).

The largest selling hamburger

This giant weighing 75 kilograms, you can find in one of the bars Southgate, Michigan. It costs as much as $ 400.

shoes for Gulliver

The biggest shoes were sewn in Hong Kong, China, April 12, 2013. Their length - 6, 40 m, width - 2, 39 m, and the height - 1, 65 m.

How many straws can fit in my mouth?

Simon Elmore from Germany set the record in 2009. He managed to shove in your mouth 400 straws and hold them for 10 seconds.

Man Magnet

A resident of Canada Aron Casey was able to hold on face 17 spoonfuls at a time.

The longest nose

The longest nose in the world - 8, 8 cm - belongs to Mehmet Ozyureku from Turkey. Thanks to this nose, he became a star of the Italian television show in 2010.

The largest collection of navel fluff

Librarian of Australia gathered the largest collection of navel fluff, weight 22 grams 1. To do this, it took him 26 years.

Concrete blocks and fragile egg

Most awkward records

Joe Alexander from Germany broke the hand 24 concrete blocks, which were stacked in three piles of 8 pieces. But even this is not surprising, but the fact that, dealing crushing blows to his hand, he held it raw egg, and it has remained intact.

The youngest conqueror of Everest

13-year-old Jordan Romero from California broke the record of 16-year-old Temba Tsheri of Nepal, when he got up with his father and several local Sherpas on Everest.

The longest IM

Most awkward records

within 96 hours (4 days) Norman Perez from California sat at his computer, exchanging instant messages, to set the world record in this category. According to the rules of the Guinness World Records, every hour he was allowed to do a 5-minute break.

The most expensive hair

Most awkward records

American football player Troy Polamalu, who collaborates with Head and Shoulders, recently insured his hair for the sum of one million dollars.


Zdenek Zahradka from the Czech Republic spent 10 days buried in a coffin underground without food or water, only breathing tube connecting it to the outside world. The previous record was 4 days.

Popeye record holder

American Kim Goodman is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the record for the protrusion of the eyes. She is able to goggle of the eye of 11 millimeters.

The most distant jet of eyes

September 1, 2004 at the "Armada" in Istanbul, Turkey, Ilker Yilmaz "shot" milk from the eye at a distance of 2, 8 meters.

Subdued by weight

April 25, 2009 Cheyne Hultgren of Australia, known under the pseudonym of "Space Cowboy", moved from place 400-pound weight that was attached to the hooks set in their sockets.

The fastest running on all fours,

In 2008, the Japanese Kenichi Ito ran 100m of 18.58 seconds and won the record for running on four legs (in humans).

The most elastic skin

Due to a rare disorder called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Gary Turner from the UK may pull the skin of his stomach to distance 15.8 centimeters.

The largest number of T-shirts

April 24, 2008 in Brecht, Belgium, Jeff Van Dijk had put on 227 t-shirts immediately.

The fastest runner in flippers

Most awkward records

Maren Zonker of Germany set a record in the steeplechase in flippers among women. September 13, 2008, she ran a hundred meters in 22, 35 seconds.