Funny escapes from zoos

Funny escapes from zoos

History knows a lot of cases of daring and amusing escapes our younger brothers from different zoos in the world ...

An baking from the Moscow Zoo

Funny escapes from zoos

This is the story of an elephant in a china shop. Or rather, the elephant ... in a bakery. In the early 1920s, corpulent and nosy owner of nicknames Mauricus escaped from the Moscow Zoo on Kudrinskaya Square.

According to his staff, the elephant knocked the fence and went home. Reaching the nearest bakery, Mauritius broke the window and got to buns. Satiated fugitive soon returned home.

This is not the only case of an escape from the Moscow Zoo: in 1929 it was necessary to catch the leopard, but in the 60's a group of penguins that have escaped from the poorly equipped enclosure, found as much as 2 km from the zoo, on the steps of the Krasnaya department.

He just wanted to go

Funny escapes from zoos

remarkable resourcefulness marked Andean spectacled bear Juan from the Berlin Zoo. In 2004, he swam across the moat, which was to prevent him from communicating with visitors on a log.

Then Juan crossed the fence and began to wander through the zoo. Visitors should not have fled frightened - just bear decided to ride on the carousel. Podospevshie attendants sedated Juan may dwell and back into the cell.

By the way, the spectacled bear - almost vegetarians and, unlike white and brown bears no danger to humans.

A bad example is infectious

Funny escapes from zoos

Orangutan Ken Allen of Zoological Park in San Diego - a fugitive recidivist. During his lifetime, he ran away three times. In between, a clever primate taught his relatives how to use the scrap left by the workers, or the branch of a tree, you can open the gate to the cells. Newspapers 80s called him "Hairy Houdini", and the local pensioners formed a fan club - "Gang of Monk." Free migration of animals stopped just after the zoo spent $ 45,000 on new security measures.

In the electrical wires as vines

Funny escapes from zoos

Freedom-a distant relative of Ken Allen ran away from the zoo in the Japanese city of Sendai in 2016. Chimpanzee named Chacha, leaving his cell for electric wires went into the next county. For security purposes, the zoological park was immediately closed, and children from a nearby school were not allowed until Chacha frolicked in the skies.

Due to the antics of the chimpanzees were without electricity for more than 1,800 homes. A few hours later shot sedative monkey sedated and brought back to the place of residence, and the rest returned light Sendai families.

An organized escape with the assistance of third parties

Funny escapes from zoos

In 2012, the Safari Park near Frankfurt noise done three kangaroos. Like newspapers, the animals not only ran away together, but also benefited from the help of their "accomplices". Michael Hoffmann, deputy director of the park, said that the fox and boar marsupial helped out at will.

Own aviary kangaroo safely left by a fox dug pit. A wall of safari animals had to run on courtesy of a wild boar dug tunnel. However, one of the marsupials lingered in a garden and was immediately caught.

Second escapee caught up too soon. But the third made itself felt, periodically appearing in the field of view of the people, but was never caught.


Funny escapes from zoos

Witnesses surprising events in 2013 were employees Nandankananskogo zoo in India. One day, the ranks of their pupils volunteered to replenish the Bengal tiger. They moved to the female senses. Newcomer put to it. And, apparently, the story ended with a happy end. But no. The desire for freedom has won the love, and a month later the hero-lover left his beloved striped own again. Tiger climbed to a six-meter wall cells, ripped the wire mesh and was gone.

What causes jealousy

Funny escapes from zoos

Rhino Satara from the Australian Zoo in Moarto in 2008, after six years in the zoo, suddenly demolished the fence of his cage and escaped.

In so enraged 18-year-old male came out of jealousy. When he was sent to a female younger rhino, two-ton jealous husband could not cope with the feelings. However, the next day he returned. Himself.

Do not say, but it certainly flies

Funny escapes from zoos

In order to prevent the disappearance of birds from the Vancouver zoo, they cut wings. Yet, as it turned out, the method is not 100 per cent result. So, in 2009 macaw named Chuvaev somehow still out of the menagerie.

And only three days later it in the engine of his car found a normal Canadian family. Apparently, Chuvaev not sit all the time with folded wings, as has been found in more than 32 kilometers from the shoot location.

Flying Penguin?

Funny escapes from zoos

In 2012, he escaped penguin. Living in Tokyo's water park, yearling able to overcome the four-meter wall and, undeterred by barbed wire, flop in the waters of Tokyo Bay.

Apparently, the Humboldt penguin feel good in the spacious waters, where he stayed for three months, while in May was not fished water park staff.

The star of social networks

Funny escapes from zoos

March 28, 2011. PE in a zoo in New York Bronx: the will of the Egyptian cobra crawled, whose bite is fatal to humans. Six days zoo staff searched for the snake, and the inhabitants of the surrounding houses tested their mattresses before going to bed. A week later it turned out that all this time, just a cobra hiding in a dark corner of the cage, eluding cleaners eyes. And nowhere crept.

Since Twitter users have started a blog on behalf of the snake, it was decided to give it a name. By popular vote became a popular favorite Mia.

Hippo has made an attempt to escape from the zoo in Tel Aviv

In Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan zoo hippo tried to escape. The animal left his cage and went through the unlocked gate of the zoo, without encountering any obstacles. hippo walk down the street got on video surveillance cameras.

On the record shows that during the night at the zoo was a caretaker, he went in search of hippo, but could not stop the huge animal. Fortunately, soon he returned to the zoo hippo in the same way, obviously frightened light car headlights.

The zoo said they did not know how hippopotamus escaped from the enclosure, and promised to investigate