Signs that show a link with magic

Palmistry - a powerful source of very valuable information. It gives us an insight into how our physical and spiritual body. Each one of us heard about the lines on the palms, which can tell about a person almost everything. There are signs that help to learn more about what awaits us in love, how many marriages and children, we will have in the future, what progress we are expected to work.

Signs that show a link with magic

And there are lines that indicate what we will succeed in life. Our abilities and talents, "cut" on the palm of peculiar characters.

In addition, there are some fingerprints, indicating a powerful witch power and strength. So what are the signs of the palm say that a woman is born of a real witch?

By the way, you do not necessarily have all of these symptoms. However, most often the presence of these signs indicates that they are the owner of -vedma.

1. Secret Cross (Mystic Cross)

Signs that show a link with magic

Perhaps one of the most powerful signs that you are a witch, is the existence of the secret of the cross (or mystical cross). This X-shaped sign is located between the heart line and head line.

Carefully read your palm. Do you have this secret (mystery) cross?

People who have these signs are considered owners of magical abilities from an early age. And, indeed, among these sorcerers, witches and clairvoyants are so many of those who present the mark on his hand.

Moreover, their owners have a natural tendency to occultism and secret wisdom. They have well-developed intuition, making them powerful witches and wizards.

2. Psychic cross

Signs that show a link with magic

Among all the lines on the palm of psychic cross is really important sign. It is located at the base of one of the fingers.

It should be borne in mind that each finger represents a different planetary entity. Therefore, it is necessary to compare the finger with the corresponding planet and see what does this sign mean on a particular finger.

If the psychic cross found at the base of the index finger:

The index finger is the finger of Jupiter. Therefore, the psychic cross on this finger means that Jupiter's luck is on your side. You will have the possibility of magic to help you achieve success.

It also means that you have a predisposition to supernatural magical wisdom. You can become a very powerful man on the force, because you have the ability to absorb knowledge.

You are attracted to the same powerful in its power people who can become your wise teachers. In the future, you are destined to become one of those teachers most.

If the psychic cross found at the base of the middle finger:

The middle finger is the finger of Saturn. Thus, if in this place found the psychic cross, you bless Saturn itself, considered a witch planet. You have the ability to learn and easy to digest everything you touch. Moreover, you have been blessed with a strict teacher, but you want to know the magic exclusively through their experience.

You will be able to discover its extremely powerful energy right away, as soon as the start to give enough time to yourself. Pay attention to the meditation. It really works wonders. Good sound sleep also has a truly curative effect.

Signs that show a link with magic

If the psychic cross found at the base of the ring finger: ring finger is the finger of the sun. Therefore, if you notice the cross there, then you are blessed by the Sun and Apollo, God of Prophecy and Magic. You have the power to attract what you want in life. You are a true sorcerer or sorceress.

This means that your love life can become an inspiration in your magical activities. When you are sexually active, you find enlightenment through having fun. Charge yourself with positive solar energy.

If the psychic cross found at the base of the little finger:

Mizinets- Mercury finger. That Mercury is associated with all things magical and predictions.

If you have a sign, it means that you are from a young age plunged into the magical world of mysteries, and magic. Therefore, if you are blessed with this sign, you are born to love magic, and to be associated with it forever.

This means that Mercury - Hermes, the wise god bless your birth, I will make you powerful wizard / witch. Be sure to use the brain and heart to develop their magical abilities, but only peace and good order.

3. Psychic triangle

Signs that show a link with magic

The sign of the pyramid-like triangle at the base of the ring finger - a mental triangle. Look closely, often a sign of a clear or pronounced. Important lines on the palm, as a rule, there are faint and difficult to identify.

You find such a sign? If it is present, it means that for some reason, intentionally or unintentionally, you lock yourself in your magical abilities.

Sometimes we block their magical abilities. This is the case if in previous lives we made something bad and used magic for dark purposes. This defense mechanism is triggered so that we do not hurt themselves and others.

Signs that show a link with magic

Every time we use black magic to hurt someone and / or interfere with someone's free will, we are creating bad karma. This is bad karma, in the end, back to ourselves.

Psychic Triangle - more like a mental prison, which concluded our magical powers. This sign can also talk about the fact that someone else has connected our energies. It could also mean that in past lives we have created enemies.

The key to unlocking our forces and capabilities is the love and acceptance of self and others. We can once again become strong magicians, if we learn to forgive others, and most importantly, themselves.

4. Sign healer

Signs that show a link with magic

Four or more parallel lines at the bottom of the little finger is an indicator that a person is a powerful healer and has a strong ability.

This means that people with a mark on his body have great potential, they can touch people's hearts and heal their scars both emotional and physical.

Today such people, it is, as a rule, doctors, psychologists or coaches. They chose this difficult path, to help other people recover and live happily ever after.

Signs that show a link with magic

It is safe to say that these signs on our hands like Mercury mark - Hermes, the god of communication and healing.

4-5 parallel lines indicate the powerful healer, 6-7 lines indicate the one who is destined to become a healer.

But more than 8 lines indicate that this person had the ability to heal in their past lives. The more lines, the more developed the gift to heal others and to help others.

Of course, to master the art of healing, it takes practice, patience and incredible attention. It is important to listen to others, as well as those who can rightly be called teachers.

5. Astral line

Signs that show a link with magic

These symbols on the palm of your hand to indicate a natural ability to transcend time and space. In the astral plane you are traveling more than we are aware of!

If there is such a human palm mark, it means that a man is born to travel both in the physical and astral body.

In addition, the holder of such lines on the palm of your hand, has all chances to become a great magician / witch, because he knows how to do something that is not given to others.

Signs that show a link with magic

The shamans, witches and wizards traveling in the astral world, they can heal others and also have a number of other incredible abilities that just hit the common man, not endowed with super abilities.

Most importantly, time to develop his unusual gift in the right direction, not harming, but on the contrary, to help those who need help.

Apart from the marks on his hands, there are a number of other indications that you are born a real witch. These attributes are as perception of the world, in a manner of behavior in interaction with others, and so on. D.

Be sure to pay attention to them. It is quite possible that you choke the ability to imagine that you are born with.