Slavic roots of world celebrities

Many know the story of Mila Kunis, Milla Jovovich and Helen Mirren ... Did you know that the ancestors of Whoopi Goldberg - also from the Russian Empire ?!

Slavic roots of world celebrities

Helen Mirren

The actress, 72 years old

Slavic roots of world celebrities

The British actress Helen Mirren - nee Elena Mironova. Her aristocratic ancestors left Russia after the 1917 revolution. Then the actress's father was still a child. In 1950 Vasiliy Petrovich Mironov became Basil Mirrenom. In the family album of the actress have a picture of her grandfather Peter Mironov in the form of an officer of the royal army. Having Mironov, tsarist colonel and diplomat, was in Gzhatsk area of ​​the city. Helen explains that he was a staunch monarchist, does not reconcile with the fall of the Tsarist regime. He fled with his wife and year-old son Vasily, the father of Helen, England. Catching up on buying arms for the imperial army, Peter was often in London on official business, and therefore chose the UK. On the tour of the Kremlin in one of the halls of Helen Mirren found the name of his paternal prapraprapradedushki, Field Marshal Kamensky, who fought against Napoleon, and the tomb of the great-grandmother actress accidentally found in the center of Moscow.

Slavic roots of world celebrities

Nicole Scherzinger

The singer, 39 years old

Slavic roots of world celebrities

Grandmother American Nicole Scherzinger on the paternal side was born in Vladivostok, from where moved to Hawaii. In honor of her grandmother, Nicole received a second name - Praskovya. In 2015, Praskovya Zenchenko flew to Austria to support her granddaughter during a tour of the musical "Cats".

Gwyneth Paltrow

The actress, 45 years old

Slavic roots of world celebrities

the actress's father, director Bruce Paltrow - descendant of Paltrovich from Russia. Gwyneth paternal grandfather lived in Minsk, and great-grandfather - in Nizhny Novgorod. After moving to America, Gwyneth family changed his name to Paltrow.

Winona Ryder

The actress, 46 years old

Slavic roots of world celebrities

From grandparents Winona Ryder during exile in the United States happened incredible story. Their name - TOMCHIN but emigration service mixed up personal data from two different families. As a result, America entered TOMCHIN Horowitz. Russian roots in the family of the actress are not forgotten: Winona brother named Uri - in honor of Yuri Gagarin.

Milla Jovovich

The actress, 42 years old

Slavic roots of world celebrities

Milla Jovovich to five years lived in Kiev. In 1980, her family left the Soviet Union and settled in Los Angeles. Initially, the famous actress Milla dreamed of becoming a mother - Galina Loginova. In 1971 Loginova got her first role - in the Soviet telesage "Shadows at Noon". After Loginova starred in 9 movies, but none of them were prominent. The reason for this was the "unreliability" of the actress: she began an affair with a foreigner Bogdan Jovovich, a doctor from Serbia. Galina summoned to the KGB for a "prophylactic conversation", but she still married to Bogdan. In 1975 the couple had a daughter Milica. But the couple could not live together: an expired visa Jovovich. Before 1981, Galina and Bogdan lived in different states and only Galina could come to her husband. Arriving at the third time, the woman decided to leave the Union forever.

Slavic roots of world celebrities

But the US Jovovich could not confirm a licensed physician, and Galina was unable to pursue an acting career, she got a maid. Bogdan tried to make financial frauds and received 20 years in prison. He was released after 7 years, but to save the marriage have failed.

Slavic roots of world celebrities

Milla with great warmth refers to the origin and often comes to Russia, and wants to play the last Russian Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and the poet Anna Akhmatova.

Natalie Portman

The actress, 36 years old

Slavic roots of world celebrities

Ancestors Natalie Portman's maternal lived in the Russian Empire, and the parents of the actress originally from Chisinau. When Natalie was 3 years old, seeking a better life, her family moved to the United States. Stage name "Portman" - actress grandmother's maiden surname of the maternal line, Bernice Stevens. Thanks to the stories of the grandmother of the Russian ballet Natalie start to dance, and in 2011 received the "Oscar" for the ballerina role in "Black Swan."

Mila Kunis

The actress, 34 years old

Slavic roots of world celebrities

Milena Markovna - so named Mila Kunis - was born in the city of Chernovtsy (Ukraine). In 1991, Elvira B. Kunis and Mark went with the whole family to America c $ 250 in his pocket. Parents want to Mila and her brother Michael was the future, but the first time it was very difficult to Mile. According to her, first in a foreign school, she felt like a deaf and dumb.

Whoopi Goldberg

The actress, 62 years old

Slavic roots of world celebrities

At Whoopi Goldberg also has Russian roots! Whoopi grandmother on his mother's side lived in Czarist Russia.

Jake Gyllenhaal

The actor, 37 years old

Slavic roots of world celebrities

Grandma and Grandpa Jake Gyllenhaal on my mother's side were immigrants from Russia and Latvia. The actor feels a connection with Russia. Arriving one day in Russia, Jake admitted that Russian remind him of his grandparents.

Armie Hammer

The actor, 31 years old

Slavic roots of world celebrities

The great-grandmother of actor paternal Olga Background of Ruth, the daughter of General of the tsarist army, was a famous singer and a theater approx.

Great-grandfather of the actor, millionaire Armand Hammer (husband Von Ruth) was born in New York in a family of Jewish immigrants from the Russian Empire. In 1921, Armand Hammer came to the Soviet Union, where he founded a pencil factory and after the conducted business in the two countries - the USA and the USSR. Hammer spoke with Lenin and was a key figure in the organization of the summit between Reagan and Gorbachev. Armand Hammer, died in 1990.

Slavic roots of world celebrities

The family of Army has a family tradition in the male line - tattoo "Hammer" in Cyrillic. This tattoo is at the actor himself, his father and brother.

Leonardo DiCaprio

The actor, 43 years old

Slavic roots of world celebrities

Elizaveta Smirnova, DiCaprio's grandmother, was born in the Russian Empire. Leo was very close with his grandmother in 2003, together with her visiting Russian Film Festival in Los Angeles. Russian was also the grandfather of Leo.

Michael Douglas

The actor, 73 years old

Slavic roots of world celebrities

Grandfather Michael Douglas lived near Mogilev, but in 1908 his wife left the Russian Empire. His son, the future actor Kirk Douglas and grandson of the famous Michael Douglas, were born in the United States.

David Duchovny

The actor, 57 years old

Slavic roots of world celebrities

Duchovny - Russian for his grandfather. Father of actor Amram spiritual - comes from a family of immigrants from the Soviet Union. After emigrating Amram changed his name to Dukovny, but David returned one letter in place. Duchovny does not speak in Russian, but very fond of Russian literature, particularly Dostoevsky.

Steven Spielberg

Director, 71 years old

Slavic roots of world celebrities

Steven Spielberg - Russian "on all fronts". According to the director, he grew up in the house with the Russian language. His grandfather and paternal grandmother emigrated to America from the Russian Empire in 1906. I wonder what my sister's husband Steven Spielberg - a distant relative of Boris Pasternak.

Sylvester Stallone

The actor, 71 years old

Slavic roots of world celebrities

Rosa Rabinovich, grandmother Sylvester Stallone, was born in Odessa, and my mother Sylvester Stallone, an astrologer Jacquelyn Leybofish, in the mid-80s visited the Soviet Union and was seen with Mikhail Gorbachev.

Harrison Ford

The actor, 75 years old

Slavic roots of world celebrities

Grandmother Anna Lifshuts actor left the Russian Empire in 1907. In the US, she met her future husband Harry Nidelmanom, who also fled from the Russian Empire. Harrison Ford was named in honor of his grandfather, Harry. It is known that the actor is looking for relatives, many of whom must still live on the territory of the former USSR. The actor admits that when he returned to Russia, noticed similarities Russian people with his mother, grandmother and other relatives.

Steven Seagal

The actor, 65 years old

Slavic roots of world celebrities

Father Steven Seagal comes from St. Petersburg, Stephen's wife is fluent in Russian, and he has a lot of Russian friends living in the United States. And in 2016 the actor was given Russian citizenship!

Dustin Hoffman

The actor, 80 years old

Slavic roots of world celebrities

Parents Hoffman born in Kiev. They left the Soviet Union in the 1920s.

Lenny Kravitz

The musician, 53 years old

Slavic roots of world celebrities

Santa Kravitz's father was born on the territory of Ukraine in a Jewish family. Lenny admitted: in childhood, during the Cold War and the Iron Curtain, he could not imagine that when something gets in the USSR.