How to shoot the film "Ordinary Miracle"

• How to shoot the film "Ordinary Miracle"

Since filming the fairy-tale by Mark Zakharov "Ordinary Miracle" 40 years have passed, most of the actors, unfortunately, is no longer alive, but this touching story is still relevant, and many modern audiences makes believe that miracles sometimes happen. Although during the shooting happened a lot is not the fabulous events that could lead to dramatic consequences.

How to shoot the film How to shoot the film

Oleg Yankovsky in the role of the Wizard

When the director started shooting, he knew who should play the main role. The image of the Wizard Mark Zakharov only saw Oleg Yankovsky. And his nomination, and Yevgeny Leonov to the role of the leadership of the King "Mosfilm" immediately approved. But when the shooting began, at Jankowski had a heart attack, and the actor was in the intensive care unit. He proposed the director to take his place another actor, but Zakharov decided to stop shooting, and wait for Jankowski will be released from the hospital. And for an actor it was a life-changing decision - he later said that it was thanks to the work of Zakharov in "Ordinary Miracle" later played his Munchausen and other iconic roles.

How to shoot the film

Alexander Abdulov in the film Ordinary Miracle * * 1978

But the candidacy of Alexander Abdulov on hudsovet raised doubts - at the time he was a struggling actor and has not earned nationwide recognition. The competition was very serious - were among the contenders Evgeniy Gerasimov, Valery crazy, Igor Kostolevsky. The latter indeed often getting any roles that are held Abdulov sample. So when Zakharov invited him to participate in the audition, the actor said: "I am pleased. Because I always tries, and removed all the same Kostolevsky ". But Mark Zakharov managed to defend his candidacy and endorse the lead role.

How to shoot the film

Abdulov proud of this work and felt obliged to Mark Zakharov. "To get me the boy in such a company, in which there were Leonov, Jankowski, Solomin, Kupchenko Mironov, Simon - a wild number of amazing actors - this is a very expensive cost! And the fact that I did not drown in this flow, - to their credit. They have probably regret it easy. And could "pull apart the blanket" in different directions, and I would have been at the bottom. But this team has helped me, and something I have left ... It's such a private cinema which invented by Mark Zakharov, "- said the actor.

How to shoot the film

fotoproby Yevgeny Gerasimov and Yevgeny Menshov on the role of the Bear

During filming Abdulov refused to help doublers and many dangerous stunts performed independently. Once it almost turned into a tragedy. The actor said: "Remember, there is a picture in the following episode: my hero at full gallop flies under the stone arch, clinging to her hands and pulled. Shoot the first take. I got everything right, except for one important point. I put his horse at full gallop, grabbed the ledge and arch ... did not think that the legs of the stirrups is good to pull out. The people on the ground, and breathed in unison gasp. Horse at a decent speed dragged me, hopelessly stuck in the stirrups, dragged several meters. After this incident, all were convinced that now so I'll ask understudy. But that's a mug - I did the trick! Then I have time and again faced the "horse" scene and then worked without a backup. "

How to shoot the film

Evgenia Simonova in the movie * * Ordinary Miracle 1978

On the role of Princess also auditioned several actresses, among whom were Glagoleva Vera, Marina Yakovleva, Larisa Udovichenko, Evgenia Glushchenko. The candidacy Evgenia Simonova director doubted, but all doubts were dispelled when he saw the actress on the set. However, once the shooting because it still had to be suspended - not an actress organically bore weapons and could not fire a gun. After much persuasion, she still pulled the trigger, but closed her eyes, as can be seen in the frame. Eugene Simon brilliantly coped with their role, without knowing that it plays tricks on her: then all film directors have seen it only in such a role, and did not offer diverse roles.

How to shoot the film

After a heart attack was filmed and Yevgeny Leonov, without which the director also had no idea of ​​this film. He often improvised on the site and offered their own versions of certain scenes. Zakharov most often listened to his advice, but once done in his own way and he was right. Leonov told him to cut the episode in which King waving, greeting people as it did then the Politburo on the podium of the Mausoleum. However, at this stage sedition censorship not seen.

How to shoot the film

Yuri Solomin and Yekaterina Vasilyeva in film * Ordinary Miracle * 1978 But doubts have caused many other episodes. Thus, the censorship did not want to skip a song on the sparrow and a butterfly that "wings byak-byak-byak-byak". It was suspected sexual innuendo - say, why else Sparrow pursues a butterfly, probably with obscene intentions. The song managed to keep only due to the fact that Zakharov managed to convince the censors in the "gastronomic" sense of persecution butterfly. The important role played and the fact it played the famous Andrei Mironov, who was loved even the censors. But the phrase "our wren Ages" had to cut because of the too obvious associations with aging Brezhnev.