How to become an expert in their field

If you are going to do business, you have to be an expert in this matter. Expert - a person who is trusted sufficiently, so that he could be a leader. And in order to enjoy sufficient confidence to lead others requires professionalism, efficiency and confidence. If you are not an expert, no one can reckon with your opinion, and do not follow you.

How to become an expert in their field

Mark Cube, the billionaire owner of a professional basketball team NBA DallasMavericks, which invites all to learn to sell, know that if a person becomes an expert, it gives him a powerful advantage over everyone else. Cube says: "The only thing we can control - it's efforts. Try to become an expert in what you do. This will give you an advantage, because most people do not. "

However, once you begin to consider yourself an expert, at the moment you cease to be. As soon as you feel that you have reached the goal, and stop learning, stop growing, soon someone else will overtake you. Thus it is impossible to succeed in business and in life.

To become an expert, you should learn from the experts. Here are five steps that will allow you to become an expert in your field and stay them.

Commit quality

You remember from what you are doing and what feelings cause people. Everything you do should generate exactly those emotions and results, which you will learn. Steve Jobs, the greatest creator of emotional product of all time, said: "Quality is always more important than quantity. One first prize is much better than two second. " When I first started selling software, I quickly realized that the only way to win the trust - to have a decent product in which you truly believe. That is why it is important to possess the smallest details. Best product, best service, the best skills in the long run, always lead you to the top.

Now Playing, play often and quickly

I used to work for a major London merchant commodities. The main lesson that I learned then, was the fact that not every deal works. Pay attention to those deals that really worked and those that have failed, I have learned to ignore the laws.

The most successful writer also believes in the benefits of defeats in the world. "Defeats have allowed me to learn things about myself that I could not learn any other way", - he wrote to JK Rowling.

An interesting truth is that the more lessons we learn from their defeats, the greater grows our experience and knowledge.

Do not stop in front of the

Researchers from the Institute of the Johns Hopkins University found that "if every time you perform a slightly modified version of the operation that you want to learn, you actually learn more and faster than if you continued to do the same thing many times in a row."

It is not enough just to work 10 thousand hours. You must focus on conscious actions. It is necessary to constantly change the approach. A small change in your actions lead to big changes in how quickly and deeply you learn. Classmate in college taught me never dvazhdyne read the same chapter of the same. In principle, it is always advisable to look for a new view of the same material. When I began to do so, I began to understand the subject at a much higher level.

Be a leader, but act as a student

Experts are always learning. How would you rate yourself, will always determine your actions. If you want to lead others, you need to become an expert. No other way. You select the area in which will become an expert. SaymonSaynek, author of "Start with the question" why ", teaches that" all of the outstanding leaders see themselves as students, regardless of their status. "

The best sales manager I have ever met, constantly practiced. Despite the fact that he was our boss, every day he practiced and studied. He was an excellent example of a permanent student. As long as you see yourself a student, you will always learn.

Read and apply knowledge in practice. Constantly

Although the most important thing you can do - is to take action, and the second - a plan, in the third place is filling mind the knowledge he needs. As in any situation, in the business of great erudition increase the probability of making a better decision. Read so that you can teach others and to put into practice what you have learned. Serial entrepreneur, best-selling author and former hedge fund manager James Altacher says that reading - one of the main ways to knowledge and experience. He teaches: "read every book, blog, website, absolutely everything about what you want to become an expert. Then proceed. "

Over the past two years, I have read more than 2 thousand books and never will do so. I have not found time to apply this knowledge. While reading - this is really important, it is equally important to apply what you learn from books. If you possess a large amount of information, you can combine it, to transform, to practice and to share with others. It is this and deal with all the best experts.