Grown-up children of the stars

Many of us do not look after the children of stars every day, and when we see the picture dramatically grown up son or daughter of a celebrity, they can not even recognize. Remember adoption baby Zahara Jolie-Pitt? She is now 12 years old. And Suri Cruise? She is already 11!

Zahara Jolie-Pitt

12 years old, the adoptive parents: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

Grown-up children of the stars

In July 2005, she went to Ethiopia, where she saw a tiny baby (Zahara was born in January of the same year) in the framework of the UN humanitarian mission Jolie suffering from hunger and dehydration. Angelina learned that the girl's mother died of AIDS, but the baby does not transmit the virus. Adopted by a child actress, and after Brad Pitt also designed the documents for adoption. Two years later, then suddenly it appeared Zahara's biological mother, who claimed that all the time, was alive and well and wants to return the child. Jolie-Pitt to resolve the conflict, and Zahara remained in the family. Later, the grown Zahar expressed the desire to get acquainted with the biological mother. Nevertheless, his real parents Zahar said Brad and Angelina.

Honor Marie Warren

9 years old, the parents of Jessica Alba and Cash Warren

Grown-up children of the stars Grown-up children of the stars

In 2004, during the filming of "Fantastic Four" Alba met her future husband - producer Cash Warren. Three years later, they announced their engagement. The album gets married pregnant. The wedding took place on May 19, 2008, and on June 7 was born first daughter Alba and Warren - Honor Marie Warren. In 2011, the couple's second daughter was born - Haven Garner Warren, and now they are waiting for the third child.

Flynn Bloom

6 years, parents: Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom

Grown-up children of the stars


Grown-up children of the stars

Flynn's parents met in 2008. After two years of relationship Orlando made an offer of a supermodel. They married in 2010 and have been married for three years. Since then, Orlando has never married, but Miranda this year married a billionaire Evan Spiegel. Soon Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom (a long name he came up with the parents) will be the little sister of the mother's second marriage.

Suri Cruise

11 years old, parents Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise

Grown-up children of the stars Grown-up children of the stars

Suri Cruise - the only biological child for Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise for (he has two adopted children). When Suri just born, his father bought her expensive clothes, took her everywhere with them, constantly talking about it in interviews and even jealous of his wife. But as soon as Tom and Katie divorce, as the ratio of the actor's daughter has changed dramatically. For several years he had not seen with Suri, and fans are sure that the reason for all - the actor's obsession with Scientology. When Katie married Tom, she began to support her husband in his beliefs. After the divorce, things have changed: the actress received sole custody of her daughter and returned to Catholicism. Tom is not satisfied, and he struck out ex-wife and daughter out of life.

Lila Grace Hack

15 years, the parents of Kate Moss and Jefferson Hack

Grown-up children of the stars Grown-up children of the stars

In 2002, the model Kate Moss met with Jefferson Hekom, which gave birth to daughter Lila Grace. Lila - a small copy of her mother. With diapers Kate began to dress the girl in designer clothes, and when my daughter grew up, she herself became a trendsetter among teenagers.

Emma and Max Anthony

9 years old, the parents of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

Grown-up children of the stars Grown-up children of the stars

Marriage J. Lo and Marc Anthony lasted seven years. After parting with actor Ben Affleck, the singer almost immediately married his best friend Marc Anthony. Three years later, they announced that they are expecting a baby. The appearance of the twins was a surprise. Four, the couple raised children together, but it turned out that Marc and Jennifer have different views on many things. They divorced, but remained friends. Now Max and Emma spend their time mostly with his mother, traveling with her on tour.

Ava Philippe

18 years old, parents: Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe

Grown-up children of the stars Grown-up children of the stars

Ava and her brother were born in the family of Deacon Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillippe, who met on the set melodrama "Cruel Intentions." Marriage actors lasted 9 years. At Ava and Deacon have a half-sister on the father and brother of the mother's second marriage to Jim Toth.

If younger children are still small Reese, the Awa has already interested journalists for his sense of style and an incredible resemblance to her mother.

Romeo Beckham

15 years old, parents Victoria and David Beckham

Grown-up children of the stars Grown-up children of the stars

Romeo Beckham - the second of four children of Victoria and David Beckham. Craving for fashion woke the boy, when he was 10 years old. It is not surprising, because his mother - a style icon and a successful designer. Not without the support of the parents of 10-year-old Romeo became the face of Burberry. In 13 years, the brand again offered Romeo to star in the campaign.

Leni Samuel

13 years old, parents: Heidi Klum and Flavio Briatore

Grown-up children of the stars Grown-up children of the stars

Leni - the eldest daughter of supermodel Heidi Klum. When Heidi was pregnant, she learned that her fiance - an Italian businessman Flavio Briatore - it changes, and left him. His father says the singer Leni Force, who adopted her, gave his name and raised from birth. The strength of the singer Heidi has three children. Unfortunately, the couple were not able to save the marriage. Now the children live with her mother, and especially loves to go shopping with her older daughter, Heidi, as it believes that it has a great sense of style. Contrary to tradition, the star hiding from the paparazzi, celebrity mom and growing up model smile for photographers and even a bit of posing.

Apple Martin

13 years old, parents: Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

Grown-up children of the stars Grown-up children of the stars

The long-awaited daughter of actress and musician Coldplay was named in honor of the fruit! When Oprah Winfrey asked Gwyneth why she and her husband called her daughter "apple," the actress said: "The word sounded nice and loud and made me such a pleasant association!"

Apple's parents and her younger brother, Moses divorced after 11 years of marriage. But this did not prevent them to continue to develop the talents of their children. For example, Apple loves music, perfectly plays the guitar and sings. The girl tries to emulate her favorite Taylor Swift, but the demeanor on stage is more like a father.

Kingston Rossdale

11 years old, parents: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale

Grown-up children of the stars Grown-up children of the stars

Kingston - the eldest of three sons, Gwen and Gavin, who divorced in 2016. From an early age the boy featured flamboyant style of dress and hair, like a real rock star! Now Kingston loves to paint the hair in different colors, as once did itself Gwen, plays football, goes with his family to hiking and loves fishing.