"Something heavy on my soul! Autumn blame. " How to overcome the melancholy autumn and love cloudy days?

To complain about the weather, of course, possible, but if it helps you to overcome the autumn sad mood and make some bright colors into your life? Most probably not. After all, is not it? Autumn - it's an amazing time to, but only for some it becomes really a bit of a gift that nature presents itself.

Yes, somehow difficult to convince myself that after a warm summer sun can somehow sharply love the cool and windy autumn, but, believe me, everything in this life it depends on us, and whatever it was, only you you can change your impression of this time of year. Today we will try to make sure that you start to fall no longer perceived as something sad, and believe that even in the cloudy weather, your mood may be on the ball.

Autumn as a means to relax

It has long been known that the fall is very common in many people's mood falls and everything becomes gray and dull. Some fall into a full-fledged depression, while others are starting to simply depressed and sad all day walking. Such mood depends purely on the individual. Some without difficulty tolerate any change in the weather, while others, on the contrary, feel too good all of these changes. But why not look for the fall as a kind of means to take a break from the bright and bustling summer? Try every night to leave a few hours for yourself: read a book, watch a movie or listen to your favorite music. In addition, a warm blanket and a hot cup of coffee, tea or cocoa can create a miracle after a hard day, trust us. I do not need, coming from work, immediately run to wash dishes or clean up. Relax a few minutes, come to myself and just try to do everything quietly.

A in the summer is always

How to make so that at work was a constant summer, even if the window is rain and hail? Everything is quite simple! It is necessary to transform the workplace. Here there are no special instructions, just enough to show a little creativity. Make your whole table zapestril a variety of colors. Buy colored pens, new notebook colorful and always colorful stickers. Let this floral gamma reminds you that summer is always with you, and it's not gone anywhere. Just give him time to rest, and it will surely come back to you.

That it was not so boring and sad house

Now, let's talk about your home. Never too late to just go and change something in the interior of your apartment or house. If you understand that the native walls did not just not happy, but on the contrary, under pressure from all sides, it is time to do something about it. Most psychologists offer their customers, who are faced with the fall handoroy, to work not only with ourselves, but also what surrounds you. The atmosphere in the house, as a psychological and visual, it affects a person's mood. So stop seizing their accumulated problems cakes, and let us set aside this money and buy something bright in his house. It may be a couple of quite incredibly bright pillows, a warm blanket or a new bed linen. Change everything you think is necessary, important not to forget that all should be in moderation. No need to oversaturate paints his bed. In this case, you can simply go back to the starting point.

Do not forget about yourself

Just take a look around. Do not you notice that people have become some dull, their clothes faded, and all somewhere in a hurry and are constantly in a hurry. No need to follow the example of such people. Simply begin to change something in yourself. Buy a bright scarf, a bag or an unusual interesting coat coloring. Do not be like all those who wear the cloak of dark tones. Autumn - quite a dark time of the year, but on the contrary, is very bright and colorful. The main thing that you need to do - is to see the entire range of colors that gives us this wonderful time of year. Dilute your life colors and new impressions. If, after a year, you'll remember this fall only with the best hand, believe me, the next you'll be afraid no longer.