Lead singer of "Na-Na" then and now

From an old part of the legendary group "Na-Na" in the group were Vladimir Politov and Vyacheslav Zherebkin who act in the group since 1992. How have the boys since then and what happened to the retired members of the gang of musicians?

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Vladimir Levkin

50 years

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In 1997, the actor was diagnosed with cancer of the lymphatic system, which struggled Lev 10 years. The following year, after Lev found out about her illness, he left the "Na-Na". First Levkin engaged in other musical projects, but over time the disease has left him at work forces.

"I represented an eerie sight, - Vladimir said in an interview for" interlocutor ". - Pale and thin, like death itself, completely bald. Chemotherapy even dropped his eyebrows! Blood in the mouth ulcers hurt wildly, it was impossible to swallow a bite of food. The only salvation was the analgesic paste. I smeared her sore mouth, sore left briefly. And very quickly, choking, eating bread or pasta. "

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In 2012, Lev was the father of the girl Nicky, who was born to actress Marina Ichetovkina, the fourth wife of the musician. Lev met Marina in the company of friends, and she did not hide that for a long time was going crazy, and the group, and personally for Lev, but never tried to come up with an idol on the link.

At the wedding, the bride did not hide enthusiasm for the dream come true. "I married Levkina!" - laughing girl.

Vladimir Asimov

50 years

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The group of senior sergeant Asimov came after military service in the Space Forces. Over 12 years in the "Na-Na" Asimov, in his own words, reflected more than one sexual assault by a desperate fans. The girls were watching a musician at the entrance way into the hotel rooms, bribing the maids, gave the actor his underwear, but Asimov remained faithful to his wife, Tatiana Tomilina banker, which at one time was engaged in sponsoring group. The couple married in secret, and Tatiana with his son Simeon (born in 1995) lived separately from Vladimir - producer of "Na-Na" Bari Alibasov forbade their wards to marry, since it, in his opinion, could affect the popularity. In addition, Tatiana liked Alibasov, he did offer a girl. Learning that Asimov takes care of Tomilino producer threatened her with dismissal artist, so his marriage Asimov kept secret 7 years - even the parents of the spouses did not know their status.

In 1991, Asimov's wife was diagnosed with cancer of the blood - the doctors predicted the girl two years of life, but it is not easy to overcome the disease, and gave birth to a child during rehabilitation, though doctors and feared that the young mother did not survive childbirth.

After leaving the group Asimov and his family moved to Spain, where he continued to write songs, including Spanish. 22-year-old son of the artist was educated in Spain and working in the civil service.

Pavel Sokolov

43 years

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Sokolov became the group's lead singer in 1997, and before that the actor was 8 years old dancer in the "Na-Na", began to dance in the ballet 14 years. Recalls Sokolov, it was a crazy time in the artist's life were alcohol and illegal substances, and sex with groupies ...

Paul is sorry that his life was drugs, about this, he says frankly with their three children - the eldest daughter Sokolova 26 years old, she's a lawyer.

Sokolov left the "Na-Na" in 2008 and since then does not communicate with his former bandmates.

Vladimir Politov

46 years

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Politov still works in the "Na-Na", recalling with nostalgia the best years of the team: "When we were at the peak of fame, could afford anything. We, Slava came from a tour with two gym bags of money. And I thought: where to spend them? Squandered on 5000 dollars a day - on clothes for girls to clubs, gifts. "

Creating a family, politics began to behave modestly. Now his daughter Alena 16 years old, she finished school and plans to return to Moscow from Goa, where he lives with his mother Olga. Some time after the divorce Allen lived with his father until the former wife of musician traveled to India, fascinated by Eastern philosophy.

In summer 2011 the band "Na-Na" faced with the tragedy: the founder was killed in Moscow fan club group, 30-year-old Margarita Gileva. Killer was another fan of the group Victoria Kharitonov, who stabbed and strangled girlfriend out of jealousy to the musicians. Later, a criminal was surrendered, and in 2012, Kharitonov was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Vladimir Politov that most closely communicated with the girl brought condolences to the family of the girl and her parents met with Rita.

Vyacheslav Zherebkin

49 years

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Having served in a tank unit, and having worked in the factory, Zherebkin was casting for "Na-Na". Three years later, Glory became a father for the first time - in 1994, his wife Tatiana gave birth to the actor's daughter Xenia. Now the family of four children, the youngest of whom, son Denis was born exactly one year ago.

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In the company of two young band members, Leonid Semidyanova and Michael Igonina, Vladimir Politov and Vyacheslav Zherebkin continued to tour and release a video.