"Living Goods" or some of the most heinous laws that are directed against women

To say that the fair sex are discriminated against - it does not say anything. Even in ancient times, women are considered weak and helpless creature, which could be sold as property. Proof of that is the behavioral characteristics of the first people. A group of men could easily drag a woman by the hair to his cave and abuse her.

Now let's think about what has changed in relation to the woman? Judging by all the famous movie about the "50 shades of sadomasochism", then, alas, not very much. If the tale of "Little Red Riding Hood" bad wolf attacking a small child, at the present time "wolves" are raping, selling, fun and steal with impunity. But when those same girls and women dare to fight back, then run across the wall of misunderstanding and legal system.

If you want young wife? Then just pay!

Do you want to get yourself a wife to minors? Then come to African and Asian countries, are paying a penny, and you will choose a wife from a very young 12 and 15 years old. In countries such as Ethiopia and Nigeria, a girl can become a "bride" 70-year-old grandfather! It does not matter that many of these children die in the first wedding night, or from difficult labor, because their parents will receive the money. Private "bonus" for the relatives would be if an elderly man wants his wife a girl whose age is below 12 years, because then parents rely generous dowry. Almost 40% of girls in the Mali are married before 15 years, and this in itself is just shocking!

In South Asia, child marriage is illegal, and to ensure that everything was legal, the girl must be 18 years old, but in rural areas the rules. Girls who are 10 years old, already a wave of "liquid product" that can "sell" future husband. For example, in Yemen child under 8 years old may well have to be married for all legal canons. But now finally begin to put into practice all the "charms" of marriage for girls is probably just (wait for it) with 10 years! Therefore, in Yemen is very often seen already pregnant 10-year-olds. And all of the above legal!

Raped? Really? Then bring witnesses!

How can you prove that the attack on the woman was rape? For example, in India, if the husband joined his wife in sexual intercourse against her will, and in fact raped her, the court acquitted the man. The law of India are no specific laws that would take control of the above situation. From this it follows that if the husband of an Indian woman is an aggressive tyrant, in the case of the attack on her, he did not suffer any penalty. Justice on his side. If you're thinking that India - a country of the third world, where all is possible, here's a different situation and in a completely different country. For example, if a woman was drugged some narcotic substance, and at the same time her body was actually paralyzed or relaxed to such an extent that she could not even scream, the violence of man over the woman, too, would be justified. That's what the law says in Germany. To rape was considered "complete", and a rapist could judge, the woman is obliged to resist. Oh, how!

If, God forbid, a woman was raped in Saudi Arabia, it is best to run home and pray about it, no one will ever know if you do not have 4 men - witnesses who can testify to that. Otherwise, the victim faces life branded women of easy virtue, and it can "use" more than once.

If you want to change your mind? Alas, it is too late

If you think that in America just such horrors that have been listed above, is not there, then you are grossly mistaken. It now goes, of course, not the whole country, but only on North Carolina. According to local law, if the woman consented to sexual intercourse with a man, she can not bring it back, and to change its decision. Therefore, if, in the end, she would be raped, according to the letter of the law, no one ever no one will punish. It is because of this abominable law the number of rapes has increased dramatically. Already in 2017 there was a case that became public. She agreed to have sex with a man, but when the guy started to beat her process to drag by the hair (the girl unlocked and screaming), and, ultimately, abused her. Given what has happened, the guy did not suffer any punishment, because at first she said firmly and confidently, "Yes"!