"Give me back my personal belongings!" Stories of men who have replaced the floor and regretted it

Many optimists, proponents of positive thinking, and just adventurers often build their lives around a popular opinion: "Any change is always for the better!". Indeed, to resign from the hated work, leave the person to whom you long ago lost interest, or, finally, to remove from the bedrooms are the same horrible flowered wallpaper - all this, of course, the right of life are the steps that you will long to shake hands with any fashioned psychologist with tears of emotion in his eyes.

But what happens if a person rashly decides to go to more drastic measures, and under the influence of the time change is not just a picture with the seals on your desktop, and your sexual identity? Today we will tell you about the men, who, suddenly realizing himself as a woman, she rushed to the table to the surgeon, and later regretted their decision.

Insidious wife and sudden amnesia

In 2013, the news editor of ABC News named Don Ennis suddenly decided to drastically rethink their lives. No one knows why the father of three children suddenly realized like a woman, but Ennis decided not to postpone a magical transformation in the closet, and very soon don to everyone's surprise turned to Don. Editor's colleagues were, to put it mildly, surprised when 49-year-old began to take hormones, grown his chest and began to come to work in the women's wig and sexy black dress very brief in the best traditions of Coco Chanel. However, less than three months, but already now the Don, and Don again grasped the existential crisis.

Ennis again decided to return to his masculine, and to explain the strangeness of the old, resorted to a very non-standard justification. The man, who after the first sex change very quickly divorced his wife, said that he suddenly came amnesia, and his pervert wife treacherously took advantage, forcing the faithful to take the pills, wear wigs and tight dresses. In the end, Ennis heads wearily to understand what is out there lurking between the legs of the disgraced officer and would-be editor politely shown the door.

Merciless burden aged

Looking at pretty hot brunette Phoebe Porter, which was formerly known cheerleaders NFL, one can hardly imagine that a couple of decades ago, Phoebe is actually called Philip. Long '32 Phoebe enjoying all the delights of their new female body, and not just to make a career in the sport, but also danced topless, strongly showing the world their sexual liberation and the undeniable talent of his plastic surgeon.

However, in 2009 Phoebe came to the conclusion that it is time to go back to Philip. In his interview with the "Huffington Post" Philip Porter already in their former guise of men admitted to reporters that he decided to "get back to basics," simply because he was tired to fight the ruthless age, which, as we know, does not paint a woman. Porter said that he decided to take the path of least resistance, and instead to hide wrinkles and do a facelift, just regained back his genital organ and began to live out his life as a gay old man.

Last Wish

Mark Marzo, who as a teenager realized his attraction to men, it is recognized that has always been a favorite of his father's many children, even in spite of the open declaration of homosexuality. Mark says that his father had always loved him for who he is, and when later Marzo said he wanted to become a woman, a father supported him, saying he did not mind if, instead of favorite son of his beloved daughter suddenly appears.

Mark, after surgery to choose a new name "Mary", enjoying all the pleasures of life in a woman's body only until such time as the unfortunate circumstances forced him to step back. Mark told reporters that when his father was diagnosed with an incurable disease, and his only desire on his deathbed was that her daughter "Mary" gave him a grandson, he could not refuse the last request of his closest man who loved and supported him throughout his life . So Marzo second time went under the surgeon's knife, and dying father again had a son, who persuaded his girlfriend pregnant by him through in vitro fertilization.