North Caucasus - the former pride of the USSR

• The North Caucasus - the former pride of the USSR

In Soviet times, the resorts of the North Caucasus have been prosperous, and most importantly - Producing Healthy whole country place. The combination of a unique natural landscape, the mountains, the sea and the climate attracts thousands of people. There, in spite of the constant hype here may well have each received the coveted ticket straight to work.

North Caucasus - the former pride of the USSR

Now, these time honored and brought space use, its former popularity somewhat lost. Access to many of the resorts in the North Caucasus is not so easy, even a resident of central Russia, and a plane ticket to both sides at a cost comparable to that lead tourists eager to rest in sunny Turkey. And yet, many of these small, but very attractive towns, are in demand now. We have compiled a guide to the main resorts of the Soviet Union, which were located in this complex region and which still operates.

North Caucasus - the former pride of the USSR


It gathered here from all over the Soviet Union, people who want to improve their health at the famous spa resorts. Just visible from Elbrus, and the local atmosphere saturated with ions and volatile production, has a very beneficial effect on any organism. Actually, for this here and continue to go (though from the past) people enjoying low prices and pleasant service.

North Caucasus - the former pride of the USSR


This is one of the oldest resorts in our country, which was in high demand during the Soviet era. The convenient location between the Caspian and the Black Sea, made Pyatigorsk very convenient destination for travelers a variety of preferences. Mountains, a pleasant climate and healing waters, well known outside the country, complete the look of this small but very cozy town.

North Caucasus - the former pride of the USSR


New Athos

Abkhazia - not the most convenient place for today traveler from Central Russia. But in the Soviet Union, you can get here was much simpler, as long as there were still seats. Here, everything remained the same: the sea, mountains and great food, not to mention the famous relaxation areas.

North Caucasus - the former pride of the USSR


Its unusual microclimate capital of Abkhazia owes convenient location: a cold wind does not give access to the city of the ridge, well and completes the formation of the Black Sea resort image Gagra. Fly here on vacation was a cherished dream of every Soviet citizen - only remember the famous phrase of "Ivan".


Yessentuki recognized resort of federal significance only in 2006, but before that, even in a different country, he enjoyed great popularity. There is situated a myriad of health centers specializing in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. More than 20 mineral springs, beating around, still attract thousands of tourists.