"Spasskaya Tower" in 2017 on the main square

• "Spasskaya Tower" in 2017 on the main square of

Spasskaya Tower festival held since 2009 and is one of the brightest and most significant events in the cultural life not only in Moscow, but throughout Russia. This musical-theatrical performance, a big "battle" bands from different countries, which is set right on the background of the Kremlin walls.

What will be happening during the nine days of the festival "Spasskaya Tower-2017" on the main square - in today's reporting.

of 30 teams from 14 countries, 10 bands from Russia, 120 pipers from the European Union, 50 Scottish dance performers, 1,400 participants in the composite orchestra festival.

At the beginning of the program area motorcyclists rode with the flags of all the countries that have ever participated in the festival. Australia joined with Switzerland, for example ...

... Canada with the UK, Italy and Israel.

+ Norway, Pakistan, Ukraine + Germany ...

Presidential Regiment.

The young talents were in a popular youth dance genre. Repchik, hip hopchik, breakdancing ...

How it razvidet? - as it asks.

Bagpipers Scottish hundred twenty beauties. Shortly before the game for free near the Historical Museum, and a few days ago on his arrival at Sheremetyevo gave a concert.

Memory Minute Valery Khalilov, who for nine years has been the principal conductor of "Spasskaya Tower". Was killed in a plane crash over the Black Sea in December 2016 ...

In the stands, too lit lights.

Mentally sing.


I was surprised the Egyptians, coming out of the pharaohs systems.

And the music hearty themselves ridiculous.

The audience liked the performance of musicians from Switzerland. Swiss rushed sticks, flags, banging drums in the wrong ...

... and eventually started a fight in the style of "The Matrix."

And then completely lighted.



A mustache on closer inspection turned out to be glued!

One of the members of the Italian team perfectly sang "Walking the Streets of Moscow".

Uzbekistan dancing and humming.

The legendary Mireille Mathieu.

sang three songs, second, Une vie d`amour, dedicated to the memory Khalilov.

Kazakhstan. They sang and danced.

Suddenly the monks of Shaolin Monastery.

Tamara Gverdtsiteli traditional final song.

At the end of the Spasskaya tower firing cannons and fireworks begins.

The festival organizers hope that the festival "Spasskaya Tower 2017" will visit 75 thousand spectators.

That's the beauty.