The most amazing ways to invent, to climb over the Berlin Wall

• The most amazing ways to invent, to climb over the Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall separated East Germany from West Berlin and was fortified guard towers and dogs, earthen ditches, fences signaling electrically energized, and even strips of spikes.

The most amazing ways to invent, to climb over the Berlin Wall

From 1961 to 1989 there have been numerous attempts to cross the state border, and only those who have been endowed with extraordinary thinking and ingenuity, managed to make it a very unusual way.

On the tightrope

In 1963, a circus acrobat Horst Klein made one of the most audacious attempts to get over the wall. Thanks to his acrobatic skills, Klein podvisnuv on hand, moved by high voltage cables directly over the heads of the guards patrolling the area. So he overcame thirty meters until flopped to the ground - but already in West Berlin.

In the steel cable

In 1983, two friends, Michael Becker and Holger Bethke went even further and, relying on the law of attraction, crossed by a steel cable. They climbed to the attic storey building on the east side of the wall, and then Holger shot from a bow with an arrow attached to it in the direction of the fishing line to the opposite building in West Berlin. Their accomplice on the other side caught the arrow and line, which is connected to the steel cable. When the cable was attached to the chimney on the west side, Becker and Bethke using wooden rollers "tumbleweed" in the direction of Germany.

Without windscreen

Austrian turner Heinz Meixner also liked to take risks, and in 1963 arrived at the border checkpoint "Checkpoint Charlie" and examines rented a convertible "Austin Healey". The odd thing was that the car was missing windshield, which Meixner prudently removed (and also hid in the trunk of his mother). When the guard asked him to pull over to the side of the road for inspection, he slammed on the gas pedal and ducked. His tiny car slipped in front of startled guards directly under the barrier separating East from West.

The most amazing ways to invent, to climb over the Berlin Wall


By train

In 1961, 27-year-old train driver named Harry Deterling decided to ram the wall on the "last train to freedom," as he called it. Breaking the speed of growth of fifty kilometers per hour, Harry and the rest of the passengers arrived safely in the Spandau district in West Berlin. Later, some of the passengers still decided to go back to East Berlin to their families. film "The Break" Locomotive 234 "" was loosely based on Harry Deterlinga escape.

On the balloon

Amazing escape, which in 1979 made a mechanic and a bricklayer Hans Strelchik Gunter Wetzel as if descended from the pages of comic books. By implementing its technical know-how, the two friends balloon fashioned from old propane tanks, while their wives from pieces of canvas and old bed sheets sewn balloon skin. After finishing all the preparations, the two couples with their children hovered high above the Berlin Wall on the way to freedom.

The uniform

However, many of those who guarded the walls of secret spies themselves were not averse to escape to the western part of Berlin. The border guards were in a favorable position, ie. A. They can freely cross the border, than many of them took advantage of.

The most amazing ways to invent, to climb over the Berlin Wall

The most famous escape over the wall was committed in 1961, a security guard Conrad Schumann, just three days after its erection. At that time, the wall is a temporary barbed wire height of about eighty centimeters, so Schumann easily able to jump over it. Photo of his flying leap is regarded as one of the iconic images on the theme of the Cold War. Schumann later settled in the south-west of Bavaria, where he worked as a machine operator.