List of the most controversial films

Savage, provocative and (no accident) forbidden for rental tape.


List of the most controversial films

Stanley Kubrick (which, recall, is credited with shooting "fake" moon landing) never missed an opportunity to speak out on controversial topics. But his "Clockwork Orange" was just icing on the cake for an angry public.

Good old ultranasilie attracted the attention of many of the censors, including the National Catholic service on affairs of cinema. Office issued picture rating "C" -Condemned by the Legion of decency ( "Prohibited National Legion of Decency"), prohibiting thus to all the Catholics of America.

"A Clockwork Orange" and now pops up in conversation every time when it comes to the need for alignment of violence in cinema. This film is connected with a series of brutal murders, and threats of Kubrick led to the fact that the director demanded to withdraw the film from the British rolled year after the premiere.

2. "Deep Throat" (1972)

List of the most controversial films

Remove one of the most notable films "golden age of pornography", the creators of "Deep Throat" is clearly counting on something more than a few sessions in a seedy night cinemas anywhere in the doorways of New York. Their hope, of course, came true when the film was widely criticized for blatant impropriety. Painting banned from being shown in 27 US states, and in the UK it was banned until 2000.

Scandalous film is connected not only with its content, but also to the manufacturing process. It is known that the film's producer, Louis "Buchi" Perano, used his connections with the mafia in order to release the tape in the rental. A Star "drink" Linda Lovelace later told me that it forced to shoot.

3. "Last Tango in Paris" (1972)

List of the most controversial films

Picture of Bernardo Bertolucci on the anonymous novel is well-known scandal rape scene in which Marlon Brando's character uses a piece of butter as a lubricant.

The public is shocked by the revelation actress Maria Schneider, said that the scene is not only not in the script - it even no one warned about what will happen in the frame.

Schneider said that the film is ruined her life, and in the process of filming, she was crying for real. "I feel humiliated and to be honest, raped - not only Marlon but Bertolucci," - she said.

4. "Natural Born Killers" (1994)

List of the most controversial films

The story of two lovers, murderers, became a media sensation, filmed by Oliver Stone scripted by Quentin Tarantino, was the cause of a series of heinous crimes.

The premiere of the film in the UK was detained for six months, when it became clear that the heroes of "Natural Born Killers" appeared imitators in the real world. And that was only the beginning: the latest shooting incident at the school, "Columbine" is also tied with the film - arrows were fans of the Stone tape.

5. "Monty Python's Life of Brian" (1979)

List of the most controversial films

"The Life of Brian" - is the story of Jesus and the neighbor is definitely one of the best comedies of all time. But not everyone understood the joke. Christian activists were quick to call the work of comedians blasphemy and picketed screenings of the film, appealing to viewers of morality.

The film is forbidden to appear almost everywhere, including Ireland, the UK and Norway (the latter even became the reason for the emergence of the slogan "It is so funny that it is forbidden in Norway").

6. "Birth of a Nation" (1915)

List of the most controversial films

In his magnum opus D. W. Griffith showed blacks (many of which have been played by white actors painted black) brutal robbers and Ku Klux Klan - heroes. It is believed that this tape was the impetus for the revival of the real KKK, and served as an incitement to violent attacks on blacks of America.

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) protested against the film, which led to its prohibition in some states. However, the film still enjoyed the crazy popular in the US box office. Today, "Birth of a Nation" is remembered as a technical masterpiece and a terrifying example of racist propaganda.

7. "The Last House on the Left" (1972)

List of the most controversial films

Wes Craven took an incredibly brutal film about two girls who were raped and tortured to death in the forest gang of thugs. His work caused a particularly sharp scandals in the UK.

At first, he refused to give ranking British Board of Film Classification, thus blocking, access to rental. In 1984, the band hit the infamous list of "videomerzostey" (Video nasties), and was forbidden to display for the next 20 years. Nevertheless, "The Last House on the Left" is considered the first and most influential horror film post-Vietnam period, changed the face of the genre forever.

8. "Baby" (1995)

List of the most controversial films

This joint work 52-year-old director Larry Clark and 19-year-old screenwriter Harmony Karina - a perfect example of how to lead a furious conservative audience a story about teenagers, sex and drugs, and also prevent a virgin hero AIDS. The Washington Post called "Babes", "in fact, child pornography," and Miramax studio declined to release the tape in rolled by creating a separate division - Shining Excalibur Films.

9. "The Devil" (1971)

List of the most controversial films

There was something in this frankly erotic movie, affecting religious motives, with Vanessa Redgrave in the role of the humpbacked abbess, chanted the word "cock!", Really angered the public. Naked nuns in the frame, obviously, it is not saved.

Accusations of blasphemy meant that uncompromising historical film directed by Ken Russell be banned everywhere. Subsequently, the tape is much rewired, but even the new version never went into wide release.

10. "Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom" (1975)

List of the most controversial films

Banned in several countries, to get to UK cinemas only in 2000, Pasolini film about a group of young people who were systematically raped and tortured, is perhaps one of the most controversial and notorious movies of all time.

In 1994, the owner of the store in the United States was arrested for having sold a copy of the film undercover cop.

And though many critics talk about how great and important is this film, they hardly reconsidering his home Friday evening for a piece of pizza.