Futuristic cars in development

Futuristic cars in development

The best car concepts.

Certainly, many wonder what the futuristic cars may soon appear on the road. Today, perhaps, come true golden age for advanced cars that will soon learn to ride without the help of people through cameras, sensors and artificial intelligence. So, what models are currently being developed.

Unique, amazing, staring into tomorrow!

1. Terrafugia TF-X

Futuristic cars in development

The futuristic concept "Terrafugia TF-X".

Car Terrafugia TF-X developed by Terrafugia. He will appeal to all who are tired of traffic jams on the roads, it's a futuristic car has the ability to fly. In addition, the driver can simply enter the destination and the vehicle will take care of everything else.

2. Toyota Concept-i

Futuristic cars in development

A futuristic concept "Toyota Concept-i".

Wanting to preserve the pleasure of driving in the future, in which roads will be filled mainly autonomous cars, the Toyota developed the Concept-i - a concept car, which has a wheel. Artificial intelligence will "pick up" the driver control when he is distracted on something else.

3. Honda NeuV

Futuristic cars in development

The futuristic concept "Honda NeuV".

Honda NeuV - is a mini-car with a built-in component of artificial intelligence that can detect the driver's emotions and assist in driving, as well as provide recommendations. Its dashboard - one long touch pad. What is interesting in the car has a payment system so you can make online payments for anything right during the trip.

4. Chevrolet FNR

Futuristic cars in development

Futuristic concept "Chevrolet FNR".

Chevrolet FNR looks like a car, who had come straight from a science fiction film, and represents the company's vision of future cars. Of course, as with other futuristic vehicles, there will be a system of autonomous driving with the possibility for the driver to take management control. Also, cars can boast of laser lights and doors "dragonfly wing."

5. Chevrolet EN-V

Futuristic cars in development

Futuristic concept "Chevrolet EN-V".

Chevrolet EN-V looks like the engineers designed the car image and likeness of a ladybug. This compact concept car displayed at a whole new level. EN-V will also have cameras and sensors, capable of "communicate" with the other cars.

6. Toyota Nori

Futuristic cars in development

Futuristic concept "Toyota Nori".

Model named after seaweed, looks like a beetle with wheels. Having developed this model to meet the challenges of modern cars, Toyota wanted to make it as green as possible. The machine is equipped with solar technology and is able to collect solar energy and store it in the battery.

7. Mitsubishi MMR25

Futuristic cars in development

Futuristic concept "Mitsubishi MMR25".

At Mitsubishi MMR25 not glasses. What happens outside, it will be seen on the panoramic screen using cameras and sensors. Auto will have nine motors at each wheel and will be extremely energy efficient (1600 kilometers on a single charge).

8. Mercedes Benz BIOME

Futuristic cars in development

The futuristic concept of "Mercedes Benz BIOME". This model is waiting like manna from heaven, the people who want to green, environmentally friendly car. Body and interior car completely made from genetically modified seeds. Moreover, BIOME is also working on a vegetable juice. Since the car is made of organic material, after the expiration of operation it will be completely reclaimed.

9. Toyota FV2

Futuristic cars in development

Futuristic concept "Toyota FV2".

Toyota FV2, which have no brakes, the steering wheel and the gas pedal, it looks like some kind of vehicle from "Tron" movie. This machine is a self-detect facial expressions and read "body language" to steer, accelerate or brake. It will also be equipped with a screen of augmented reality.

10. Toyota iRoad

Futuristic cars in development

Futuristic concept "Toyota iRoad".

Toyota iRoad - this is not a car, motorcycle and car combination. This model is specially designed for the city, and can accelerate to just 59 km / h. Suspension of the machine allows it to turn on a dime.

11. Faraday Future FF 91

Futuristic cars in development

Futuristic concept "Faraday Future FF 91".

This car is certainly worth a buckle, since Faraday Future FF 91 will be able to accelerate from zero to 100 km / h in 2, 39 seconds. And this is just the beginning - in the semi-autonomous cars have the AI, which is able to self-park, open doors, adjust the temperature and so on. The model will be available in a very limited edition in 2018.

12. Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision GT

Futuristic cars in development

Futuristic concept "Chevrolet Chaparral 2X Vision GT". Used for the Gran Turismo series of racing, futuristic Chevrolet Chapparal 2X Vision GT will make any car enthusiast drooling. It has many unique features. First, the driver drives the car lying. Its engine is powered by a laser. driver's helmet is equipped with a completely opaque and displays. A car can also be accelerated to 386 km / h.

13. AeroMobil 3.0

Futuristic cars in development

Futuristic concept "AeroMobil 3.0".

AeroMobil 3.0 - Another futuristic combination of aircraft and vehicles with sliding wings and a propeller at the rear. The driver's seat also looks like the cockpit of the pilot.

14. Mercedes-Benz F 015

Futuristic cars in development

The futuristic concept of "Mercedes-Benz F 015".

Mercedes-Benz F 015 - futuristic model without a steering wheel and the cockpit, where the seats are arranged "face" to each other. The machine is completely independent and is equipped with built-in AI system. If a passerby tried to get out in front of the car on the track, it will stop and say: "Please, come in."

15. Lykan Hypersport

Futuristic concept "Lykan Hypersport".

Lykan Hypersport among the three most expensive cars in the world and is worth 3, $ 4 million. He has a very futuristic and unique design, similar to the famous "Batmobile". It is made of W Motors in Beirut and can accelerate from zero to hundreds of 2, 8 seconds. Fans of "Fast and the Furious" could see it in 7 of the franchise.