That will help attract and keep a man

James Hanrahan - known coach, specializing in the field of relations in the pair. It is especially popular among the successful women who want to establish his personal life. Today we learn how, according to James, have an affair, which could develop into something more.

That will help attract and keep a man

To begin with, it has long been known to all women who are popular with the stronger sex: male - conqueror. If you want a man began to conquer you, let him know that you are ready to take part in this game (even if you - it's a game of give-away). Here are five simple techniques that will allow you not only to attract the attention of men, but to make a man want to win you forever.

1) Smile

You might be thinking "this can not be easy," but it's true. That smile attracts a man much more than the best makeup. That smile makes a man move in your direction. After all, the main thing for him? - Success! And your smile gives additional assurance that you are ready for dialogue, and therefore it is more likely to "win."

2) Do not be an easy prey

The main thing - do not overdo it: it is difficult does not mean impossible. All you need - is to have certain standards and requirements of the partner. They, by the way, you will have voice but not silently wait for your chosen guess himself. If you have bad imagine that all this can be for the requirements, start with the most obvious - over what period of time you are willing to enter into intimacy. If you want to whip up his desire, rejection of sex early in the relationship will work better than any aphrodisiac.

3) Do not keep away too much

This is very important, because to you the man continued to win, he must be sure that the result will win. Create a positive motivation is very simple: a regular basis, let him know that you are pleasing his attentions, give thanks for what he does for you. Then he wants to do even more for you. Oh, and try as he understood that he needed to do to spend the night with you more clear can be given.

This point is very important: if you miss these moments, the man simply give up, because it seems that you can not achieve.

4) Catch the moment

Men are fond of women who live here and now. Here, it is very important that this time you caught together: do not miss the opportunity to see him when you have time. And, of course, this does not mean that you should give up everything for him to come to him in the middle of the night for sex is more likely a sign of availability than interest, and such an effect is not needed.

5) More often see during the day and just spend time together

As mentioned above, we can be given the night of passion, but to build relationships at night alone will not turn dating. Communicate more during the day, walk, go to the movies, get to know each other. It is at such moments you get closer, it is these moments create the most powerful mutual attraction. Remember: with the help of smile you enter the game, and clearly defined requirements create motivation for decisive action. Then just let him know that you like what he does for you. If you do not forget anything, then not only will please him, but they themselves will get pleasure from the process of your conquest, and from all that follow.