The largest cemetery in the world's ships

The largest cemetery in the world's ships

Graveyard of old ships.

His final resting acquire not only the people and all other living organisms, but also everything that man has created with their own hands. The exception here is not, and numerous appliances, a variety of vehicles, which will sooner or later come into disrepair. Like humans, the machines have their own cemeteries. Not every of them will immediately get on the disposal, and some are waiting for it for many decades.

1. Cemetery of anchors in Portugal

The largest cemetery in the world's ships

Anchors collected and put in symmetrical rows.

In Portugal, near Tavira on the island was once a large and thriving fishing base. The local fishermen are the best of times hunted tuna and sardines. However, over time, fish stocks have been exhausted, and the base has declined. This happened in 1968. Fishermen threw almost everything in place: tackle, boats and anchors. Over the decade, most of all or rotted or been disposed of, except anchors. Over time, Tavira blossomed tourist business and anchors scattered all along the coast, have been collected and compiled into a great song-cemetery, and thus became a local attraction.

2. Cemetery taxi in China

The largest cemetery in the world's ships

The economic growth has provoked the decline of the taxi market.

Not so long ago, the most popular mode of transport in China was a taxi. They accounted for almost 80% of the total urban transport traffic! The situation has changed due to the rapid economic growth of China, which dramatically increased the number of active users, each of whom could afford to own a car. Not difficult to guess that many Chinese taxis then began to decline, and some have closed. Some machines were, of course, is sold, but most - just thrown away. No one wanted to take on the secondary market yesterday taxis, especially in China. And there was another cemetery machines. It is located in the city of Chongqing.

3. The ship graveyard of Nouadhibou in

The largest cemetery in the world's ships

Court threw out directly at the port for taking bribes.

Mauritania is one of the largest cemeteries in the world of ships in the second largest city of Nouadhibou country. The cemetery is, by the way, there was an informal and even illegal. Starting from the 80s, the local port management began to allow leave useless ships on the beach or in the water, near the port. Of course, permission was given for the definition of "remuneration". It happened, by the way, immediately after the nationalization of the country's fishing industry. And since the city of Nouadhibou is also one of the poorest places in the world, many people are living in abandoned and no unnecessary ships.

4. The train cemetery in Bolivia

The largest cemetery in the world's ships

Trains stood since the decline of the mining industry.

If you ever decide to go to Bolivia, you should know that in the southern part of the country, the most important tourist attraction is there the antique train cemetery. Cemetery located about three kilometers from the town of Uyuni. As you might guess, in its glorious past, the city was the center of Uyuni train distribution. For this reason, it lies on a variety of ways. Trains were mainly involved in the delivery of minerals to the ports. Train line built by British engineers in the end of XIX century. But after mining in collapsed due to exhaustion of resources, trains were not needed. Later, the authorities have turned a graveyard of technology in open-air museum.

5. Graveyard of tanks in Afghanistan

The largest cemetery in the world's ships

A grim legacy of the war.

On the outskirts of Kabul, in Afghanistan, you can find a huge cemetery of military equipment, mostly Soviet, which had been left here in the 80s of the last century. Due to the fact that Afghanistan is very poorly developed dispose of the industrial sector to date, there is every reason to believe that all this equipment and will continue to be useless. However, local authorities are regularly looking at the cemetery equipment, which can be restored. Such machines are repaired and returned to service in government forces operating against the Taliban.

6. The Graveyard of ships in Muinak

The largest cemetery in the world's ships

Ships stuck in the sand traps.

In 70-ies of XX century, the city Muinak that Uzbekistan had a very busy place with a thriving fishing economy. It was the only port city in the country. However, today the city is in decline because of the rapidly receding Aral Sea coastline. It is because of the sea drainage, today we can see the old board ships, stuffy elucidated in traps. Most of them are 150 kilometers away from the water!

7. The cemetery in the United States aircraft

The largest cemetery in the world's ships

The desert conservative beautiful.

Desert - the best place for the safe storage of something that could quickly deteriorate. Anyway, if this "something" different techniques. That's what Americans thought and organized in the Mojave Desert huge airplane graveyard. It is located near the airport of the same name and in the desert 100 km from Los Angeles. Desert heat perfectly preserves the remains of the aircraft from corrosion. Part of the aircraft are disassembled for spare parts, but some simply conserved and can be put into operation again. Bring their equipment to the cemetery began with the 70-ies of XX century.

8. Cemetery Chittagong ships

The largest cemetery in the world's ships

Hell Ship.

This place should be called not a "cemetery", and hell for the ships. This fall unwanted ships from all over the world. The only difference from the places listed above is that in the Chittagong court really actively utilized. However, the place is really terrible. Workers work here for a pittance, and safety and is not enforced.