Strange and unusual laws

Do not die, do not bark, do not go for the money, do not kiss frogs - some just stupid not to come up with the legislators!

It turns out that many absurd laws are not meaningless. Well, some - just a provocation. We arrange dot the "and".

Strange and unusual laws

Froggy buzz

Strange and unusual laws

In the fairy-tale world to kiss the frog is not a sin: they are from it turning into beautiful princesses. But do not try so seek their own destiny in California - plucked to trouble. In this state of kissing and licking toads and frogs prohibited by law.

Mad at first glance, the law is under a very real basis. The United States southwest usual Bufo alvarius, she's Colorado River Toad. This impressive amphibian (up to 19 cm in length) is on the sides of the head parotid glands that produce, in particular, a powerful hallucinogen butofenin - a substance that has long been used in shamanic practices of South America. About "live source" found out addicts, teenagers in particular, and were not slow to cling to it.

In 1960, after several documented cases get high in this way, butofenin was officially included in the list of narcotic drugs, and "licking toads" was recognized as one of the ways of drug use and illegal.

Bark for limit

Strange and unusual laws

Restrictions, causing confusion and smile often appear in the presence of the case-law - when a decision in a particular case becomes a law, be applied in future similar cases. So, in 2010 in the United States legally banned dogs barking for more than 10 consecutive minutes. For the first offense pet its owner pays a fine of $ 250, for the second - $ 500, then rates rise. The impetus for the dragon well measures became history Gary Leonard, who so took the neighbor's barking dog, that he filed a complaint. The Court of Los Angeles, considered the lawsuit, decided to oblige the city authorities to make local laws on animal welfare amendment prohibiting noise. Unfortunately, how to keep dogs from barking, no one explains, so that law-abiding citizens often have become unwitting violators. It is much easier to comply with one of the laws of the State of Michigan, also based on the precedent of not throwing octopus in public places. Start strange traditions, which rebelled against the local authorities put the hockey fans in 1952. The situation was critical: to win the Stanley Cup, the team Detroit Red Wings had to win all remaining eight games. Then, and flew to the ice first shellfish, each leg of which symbolized the coveted victory. On the following games fans continued to fill athletes octopuses had to publish the relevant law.

Women as national property

Strange and unusual laws

The regulation of the law of life of dogs, frogs, octopuses and other animals pales in comparison to what prospects once in February 1918 drew for the fairer sex Saratov Provincial Council of People's Commissars.

The decree on the abolition of private ownership of women's authorship of the Union of anarchists involved with the Bolsheviks in the work of the Board, explained: "All the best specimens" are the property of the bourgeoisie, which violates the "right continuation of the species."

In the following 19 paragraphs were announced details of the know-how. Women aged 17 to 32 years (except with more than five children) became "property (property) of the people." Men have the right to use one woman, "not more than three times a week and no more than three hours." Each of them had to present a certificate from a trade union or factory committee of belonging to the working class and to pay a monthly 2% of wages in the national generation Fund. He maintained an extraordinary access for ex-husband.

Strange and unusual laws

The document caused serious unrest - not only among women. His alleged authors, Saratov anarchists were so outraged that they had killed the owner of a tea Mikhail Uvarov, like the author of this forgery, saying that it was "an act of revenge and just protest" for the publication of their name "libelous, sexist and pornographic" decree. Nevertheless, the decree had to reprint and somewhere already preparing to implement. So, Vladimir went to this version of the document: "Every girl who has reached 18 years of age and not married, is obliged, under penalty up in free love bureau".

The authorities closed the newspaper editors were fired, publicly condemned distributors libel, but the story of the women of nationalization for a long time served as a trump card against the Bolsheviks, and now walks freely on the Web - without explanation.

To go on to the leader

Strange and unusual laws

Parfenov Rogozhin from "Idiot" a gesture of burning money would not be forgiven in Thailand - would thunder in jail as pretty. Deprived of freedom in the Kingdom of Thailand, it is also possible that the step on a coin or a bill somnesh. What kind of savagery? "Wildness" this is regulated by law. On Thai Baht - portrait of the king and the monarch's image insult is considered one of the gravest crimes for which the Kingdom of the Criminal Code provides for up to 15 years in prison.

However, particularly surprise us it should not. In the Soviet Union, too, it is not recommended to wrap a herring in a portrait of Stalin. Even portray it on its own initiative was the work dangerous. For example, a geography teacher from the Sverdlovsk region Viktor Zyryanov March 23, 1935, was sentenced under Article 58-10 of the Criminal Code of the RSFSR to five years' imprisonment for being "painted a portrait of the leader t. Stalin counter-revolutionary meaning." Sedition was the image in the picture of the bottle of wine and "bony herring". Zyryanov admitted guilt, but asked to note that he had no malicious intent. By the way, in Thailand the punishment for the 112 th article provides precisely for malice. Tourist, accidentally stepped on a coin, will not attract liability.

Where you can not die

Strange and unusual laws

On that just do not apply restrictions, even to death: it is impossible to die in some localities of the planet. The main reason for this - the lack of places for burial, as in the Spanish village of Lanjaron (Andalucia) and the municipalities in the south of France - Cugnot, Sarpurans and Le Lavandou. The last of the fishing village on the Côte d'Azur has become a popular resort destination. If not pre-reserve a plot in the cemetery (the number of seats is limited!), Before his death, will have to move.

Such a restriction exists in Brazil Biritiba-Mirim. Free territory there, but half of the city belongs to the national reserve, the second - is above an underground lake, therefore, according to the local laws on the environment, graves device is prohibited on these lands. I had the mayor, who has fallen into a hopeless situation, issue a decree ordering residents not to die, to monitor the health and go to the gym. The mayor hopes that at least it will draw attention to the problems of the city and help to solve it.

But the first city where "forbidden death", commonly referred to Longyearbyen, Spitsbergen on that. If there was an accident or a person seriously ill, he should be immediately forwarded - the water there, in the air - on the mainland, where there can lawfully dispose of his life. This is due to the permafrost, in which the body does not decompose (and attract polar bears), so if you start to bury, the whole city will turn into a cemetery. Therefore, the latter is not provided at all in Longyearbyen. Born, however, the city is also not permitted.