What do the stripes on the flag of the Russian

Every citizen of Russia with the school leaving certificate on the history of the firm "four", knows that the Russian tricolor came to us thanks to Peter the Great. But is it?

What do the stripes on the flag of the Russian

If you went to school with in-depth study of the history, or your teacher was from vexillology, you know quite another - to correct.

The first tricolor appeared in Russia before, during the reign of the first king of the Romanov dynasty, Mikhail Fedorovich.

How did we get under this flag? In 1634 the court of Mikhail Fedorovich came to embassy of the Duke of Holstein Friedrich III. In addition to diplomatic issues, the embassy has also decided the question of the construction of the Volga ten ships to travel to Persia.

The first ship, "Frederic", was launched in 1636. His term ship life was short-lived, but he went under the flag of Holstein, suspiciously similar to our current tricolor.

So tricolor flag was revealed Russian human eyes, but it was not until the Russian flag, Russian (or Russian almost) he was with Alexis.

Alexis chose this flag for the first Russian frigate "Eagle". Dutch engineer Davyd Butler begged the king to put a flag on the ship.

Their flag at the Russian was not there, and the frigate crew consisted entirely of Dutch, so without hesitation it was decided to put the flag is identical to the Dutch, which, of course, at least strange.

Exit at the Protestant flag in the sea for the then Russian sailors that 80 per cent consisted of coast-dwellers, was equivalent to if they have taken on board the escort women brought solemn sacrifice gull directly on the deck, installed several coffins in the hold and violated other signs . The conclusion suggests one: to "Eagle" was not a single Orthodox. Although the ship he is the ship. Ship flags were once complete formality, change them before entering the ports, trade could not be endangered.

In general, the tricolor first appeared on the Russian ship by chance, verging on the absurd.

The appearance of the tricolor at Peter, too, is impossible to explain the wisdom of the choice of the ruler. He just liked to Holland. So much so, that many of the court after the return of Peter I the Great embassy thought that it replaced.

In Rotterdam, Peter waited built by order of Peter the frigate with the Dutch flag. He was so pleased with Peter that he has decided not to change, and flag.

What do the stripes on the flag of the Russian

Why are three colors?

Three colors of the Russian flag associated with the heraldic fashion, reaching more of the Merovingian. On the banner of the Frankish King Clovis had three frogs, denoting the three mothers, three racial types, three psychological outlook of the model: Freya, Lida and FIND.

Later toads were replaced lilies symbolizing the Virgin Mary first, and then the Holy Trinity. A single value of the symbolism of colors of the Russian flag does not exist.

Everyone is free to believe what he wants, but it is significant that the colors of the Russian flag would be another.

Initially, the Dutch flag was not red-blue-and-white instead of red color was orange.

Change the color orange to red Dutch led, according to the official version, the revolution at home - that orange efflorescence, gets very very interesting tones, up to the green, and the flag was similar to today's popular in certain circles "rainbow flag". Do we want such a flag?

Why the other Slavs, too, under this flag?

Officially, there are three versions of the, which is why "our colors" are present on the flags of the nations participating in the middle of the XIX century in the Pan-Slavic Congress.

Two of them absurd, one - true.

According to the first version - the colors are borrowed not from Russian trading flag and a French flag, and they represent, respectively, the freedom, equality and fraternity.

Of course, it is not. Nicholas I, having these three values ​​its representation (radically different from the ideals of the French Revolution) would hardly have made such a genesis.

The second version, and that is weaker: the color went panslavyanam from the Duchy of Carniola, which in the area with three Moscow.

Finally, the main version - a "Russian genesis". Sponsorship and support from Russia - the main cause of the tricolor national flags of the Slavic peoples.

What do the stripes on the flag of the Russian

Why this flag to select a temporary government?

It is actually his and not selected. It simply does not change. Of Law meeting in April 1917, it was decided to leave the flag as a national.

At the May meeting of the Provisional Government, the issue of the flag has been postponed "until the resolution of the Constituent Assembly."

In fact, it remained the tricolor national flag before the October Revolution, legally - until April 13, 1918. when it was decided to establish the RSFSR flag.

During the Civil War was the tricolor flag of the White, the Soviet army fought under the red flag.

Why does the flag have chosen Vlasov?

ROA and RNNA consisted by and large of the White emigres. It is not surprising that the flag of Tsarist Russia was used Vlasov. For struggle against Stalinism and Bolshevism (so Vlasov justified his betrayal) was simply the best of the flag could not be found. Tricolor even participated in the Liberation Army parade in Pskov June 22, 1943.

Why this flag Yeltsin chose?

The first person after Vlasov was used tricolor Garry Kasparov. During the world championship match with Anatoly Karpov (who played under the Soviet flag), Kasparov made under the red-white-blue flag.

There was a restructuring and Garry, obviously felt, how and where the wind blows. That match Kasparov, by the way, won. A year later and won the flag. On the putsch (a coincidence, probably), people came with red, white and blue flags.

Veterans, which 20 years ago was much more, and who were also in the crowd at the House of Soviets experienced bewilderment: they remembered the story of half a century ago.

One of the flags was in a tank with Boris Nikolayevich. Interestingly, the memorial to Yeltsin in Novodevichy Cemetery is a huge tricolor. Flag, who returned with the 1991 putsch.