In the Czech Republic found a treasure of gold coins

• treasure of gold coins found in the Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic found a treasure of gold coins

The ancient Czech land is fraught with many treasures that sometimes literally lying under your feet. Recently, an elderly resident of Chelivo village, not far from Benešov, found in the garden of their own pot of gold and silver coins of the XV century - a "harvest" gave him the garden, where he grows onions for many years.

In the Czech Republic found a treasure of gold coins

"It happened right here. Here grew onions, and when I brought it, I found a small coin. I took a step and suddenly I saw another ... The next morning I took a rake and began to rake the ground in this place. Nothing. I tried again and saw five coins. Then I said to myself: "Oh, there is something there!" Then I went on to rake rake the ground and stumbled upon this treasure, "- shows the 90-year-old Miroslav Yurnichek the place where he found the pot as if flown on a rustic garden from the pages of a fairy tale. 583 gold and silver coins lay in the ground more than five hundred years. "I must say I was impressed. Although I have an old man, I was just beside myself with happiness! "- describes the pan Yurnichek their emotions at the moment. Son of the owner garden Zdenek says they accidentally touched a rake land just next to the pot to see who immediately notified the authorities about the discovery. "The upper part broke off, spilled out four or five coins, and there's nothing more we did not touch. Scientists were very happy because they could directly document the recovery of the treasure of the earth. "

His father thinks that in this way the land will reward him for poor harvest, which was due to the drought less than usual. Now the gardener left wondering who hid his treasure in the ground. "I did not leave the story out of my head, I would like to find out. I suspect that to do so could be some thief, but how do I know "- wonders Miroslav Yurnichek, which is now constantly looks at the ground under his feet, believing that other treasures may be hidden in its beds.

For treasure, passed the state pan Yurnichek received financial rewards. On the place of discovery, archaeologists also found fragments of leather, textile fabrics and rope. Scientists have already cleared the ground and studied the coins that are now museum exhibits Podblanitsko region. "Most of the artifacts from Chelivo, or, more simply, the treasure belongs to about the middle of the XV century. It was a turbulent era of breakthrough, and content discovery confirms this - it consists of the Prague groschen and small coins are mainly coppers, "- says the director of the museum Radovan Tsader.

The first half of the XV century - the Hussite wars and crusades against Bohemian "heretics." Found coins were minted in the period from 1350 to 1455 in the Czech, Austrian, German and Hungarian lands. The main part of the treasure amounted era coin John of Luxembourg, Charles IV and his son Wenceslas IV. Especially valuable Hungarian scientists believe gold ducats times Sigmund of Luxembourg and Albrecht I of Habsburg.

I could at the time to buy in the amount of hidden in the ground, a resident of the Czech lands? "With this money, you could buy two horses, two swords, six cows, pigs eleven or 17 pairs Poulain - shoes with long, pointed toes, which were at that time" - he explains.