Books that are worth reading before you watch movies, put them

We have no doubt that this summer you combine sunbathing with the reading, but you still have things to do for the intellectual self-improvement. If you prefer to read the book before watching the movie, put on it, it's time to run - just run, not walk - to the bookstore or electronic library, because these five fantastic films are due for release this autumn. Because we know what you want and read and see them, add the following items to your list of books in the near future.

"Blinded by the light" (now in theaters)

Books that are worth reading before you watch movies, put them

In each of us there is an artist who in his time has opened our eyes to the power of the art of music (if for you it was Britney Spears, well, we do not mind). For journalist Sarfraz Manzoor it was Bruce Springsteen.

Manzoor spoke about his growing up with the music of the South Korean boy groups The Boss in his memoirs, titled "Greetings from Berry Park" and co-wrote the screenplay based on his own biography.

The main character named Javed (Viveyk Kalra), the son of Pakistani immigrants living in England, painfully aware of racism, but the music Springsteen begins to inspire his own creative aspirations. Manzoor story worth reading - it will help you get the added pleasure of watching a movie and understand it better.

"2 It" (September 6)

Books that are worth reading before you watch movies, put them

In the first movie "It" (2017) a group of children terrorizing psychotic clown Pennivayz who literally embodies their fears and phobias. The film is based on the novel by Stephen King horror 1986, which has long gained a huge and well-deserved popularity. Now on the screen comes the continuation of the story, also based on the 1986 book of the year. Only this time the action takes place a few decades later. Characters get together again when Pennivayz returned to their hometown in Maine. First read the book to get an idea of ​​what awaits you, before horrified spill your popcorn all over the theater.

"Goldfinch" (13 September)

Books that are worth reading before you watch movies, put them

The novel Donna Tart 2013, which is often called "Dickensian" masterpiece, tells the story of a young Theodore Decker, orphan boy who is trying to break into the cruel world, and his fate is such that he is inside the underground art market, where circulating fake paintings.

Read the book, because it really is deservedly won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction, and then watch the movie in which Ansel Elgort, Nicole Kidman, Sarah Paulson and many other colorful characters Tart revived on the big screen.

"Bunny JoJo" (October 18)

Books that are worth reading before you watch movies, put them

If judged only by name, you might think that you expect extravagant cartoon like the ones where you can laugh, follows the adventures of a resourceful and a little cheeky rabbit named Bugs Bunny. But in fact it is much more grim story, and original work, no doubt, should be read. In the novel, Christine Lyunens 2004 "Caging Skies" tells about a boy by the name of Johannes (starring debutant novel Griffin Davis), who grew up in the organization "Hitler Youth." At the same time, his mother (Scarlett Johansson), a Jewish girl hiding in his house, and when Johannes learns about it, family life changes dramatically. Incidentally, it is also impossible not to mention the imaginary friend of Johannes, which he invented for himself instead of his father, Adolf Hitler (this role is played by Taika Vaytiti, writer and director of the film).

Yes, the film is not of the easiest, but it masterfully blended satire and black comedy to explore humanity in its worst manifestations. Be sure to add in the list to view.

"The Good Liar" (Nov. 15)

Books that are worth reading before you watch movies, put them

No, it's not a story about your ex-boyfriend. This is a complicated drama telling about cheating and compassion and full of suspense. Received critical acclaim literary debut Nicholas Searle tells the intricate story of Roy and Betty (Ian McKellen and Helen Mirren). Roy - a crook trying to manipulate the naive Betty widowed, but suddenly encountered feelings for her start to confuse his card.

With two veterans-actors in the lead roles, the story Searle is in good hands, but that should not prevent you first read the original text.