How many Soviet tanks T-34 fought in Hitler's army

• How much of the Soviet T-34 tanks fought in Hitler's army

How many Soviet tanks T-34 fought in Hitler's army

When confronted at the beginning of the war with the T-34/76, the Germans realized that the enemy has a tank that is in all respects superior to their armored vehicles. Natural desire was to get such a car and explore, and even better - to use on their side. Fortunately, it had no combat experience, Soviet tankers often throwing technique on the battlefield immobilized - due to lack of fuel or spare parts, or even by reason of Concha ammunition.

Thirty swastika

Total known about the more than 300 tanks T-34/76, which were used in combat and occupational divisions of the Wehrmacht and the SS elite. The official German documents they were called Pz.Kpfw.747. Before being sent to the front of the machine delivered to Riga, where he is undergoing renovation and modernization. German tank crews who are accustomed to more comfortable conditions Thirty seemed too simple.

In the factory, the tower and the body captured tanks were applied swastika, number or other distinguishing marks if necessary. Indeed, in the early days of the war many trophies have been lost due to friendly fire - too recognizable and different from German technology was silhouette of the T-34. Starting from 1943, the trophy tanks are increasingly battered occupation forces. The combat units of the Wehrmacht, new machines - "Tiger", "Panther", "Ferdinands", whose characteristics are superior to T-34/76. Part of the captured tanks modernized by installing them antiaircraft guns or heavy anti-tank guns.

It is also known about several tens of captured Germans updated T-34/85. But the victory of the Wehrmacht in 1944, have become rare and local. Therefore, mass trophy this technique has not.

operational complexity

Of course, the use of Soviet tanks in the hands of the Germans was limited. Despite the simplicity of design and good maintainability, Soviet tanks still need maintenance. And to repair the failed car the Germans could only removing the parts from the other.

If the French, Czech and Polish tanks went to Germany together with factories in the occupied territories, the Soviet Union was different. Soviet production were timely evacuated to the Urals and Siberia. A master parts and shells to release captured equipment would be too costly.